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TWT Health Tourism - Overview

  Transforming Smiles: 3-Day Immediate Implants at TWT Health Tourism !

Welcometo TWT Health—where healthcare transcends expectations and introduces a new era of wellness.

Step into the realm of TWT Health, a sanctuary where your well-being takes center stage, and meet the extraordinary individuals who orchestrate a symphony of exceptional healthcare experiences. We are committed to working exclusively with distinguished doctors whose excellence is underscored by their credentials, certificates, and proven track records of over 15 years in their respective fields.

At the heart of our healthcare revolution is Dr. Erhan Fırat, a paragon of both expertise and compassion. His remarkable educational journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to redefine healthcare standards. Dr. Firat stands as a pillar of knowledge, contributing his unique talents to elevate the very essence of medical care.

TWT, as a major name in health tourism with the stated purpose of providing in expensive and safe treatment services to its clients, offers you the option to see Turkiye's natural beauty as well as historical and cultural monuments during your treatment.

To be a Center in Medical Technologies

Aligned with our unwavering dedication to excellence, our partnered hospitals and clinics adhere rigorously to national and international accreditation standards such as JCI, TEMOS, CE, and TSE. We go a step further by collaborating only with institutions equipped with advanced 3rd step ICU units—a true lifeline for our patients.

Our Skilled Personnel is at Your Service…

Turkey Wellness Tourism (TWT)'s skilled team is available to its clients around the clock. 

Our roster of universally certified doctors is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Rooted in expertise, Dr. Erhan Firat,a renowned dentist, has traversed the globe, attending seminars and courses in the USA and Europe. His journey spans from aesthetic dentistry courses in the USA to endodontics programs in Switzerland, and implant and aesthetic dentistry seminars in Germany. Notably, he's been instrumental in training Turkish physicians on immediate implant and prosthesis techniques across Turkey, Germany, and Ukraine for the last decade.

Dr. Fırat is the pioneering force behind the revolutionary 3-day immediate implant technique—a glimpse into the future of dental care. These unique implants, longer and more refined than conventional counterparts,eliminate swelling and the need for gum incisions. This groundbreaking approach enables the placement of zirconium crowns within the same week. Moreover, the technique boasts superior stabilization, especially for patients rejected by traditional methods. Remarkably, it eliminates the necessity for sinus lifts or bone grafts, harnessing the strength of the zygomatic bone.

For those who prefer the conventional path, we introduce Dr. Mert Sen—an accomplished dentist with a wealth of experience. With expertise ranging from child dentistry to the art of conventional implants, Dr. Sen offers a two-visit implant journey that embodies precision and care.

Customer Satisfaction is our Number One Priority 

We place a high value on customer happiness. To that purpose,TWT offers its customers medical treatment choices, an interpretation service for the length of treatment, a free travel advising service, VIP transportation, 5-star hotel accommodations, and other services.

Our vision extends beyond medical care; it's about crafting an indelible experience that resonates with patients worldwide. With partnerships extending to Europe and the USA, we ensure trust and reliability throughout the journey. As a testament to our commitment, we've already forged alliances with esteemed dentists in Germany—enabling comprehensive checks before and after Turkey.

Centers of Excellence in Dental Care 

The Swiss 3-Day Dental Implants

 The Swiss 3-Days Implant technique is ideal for those who have poor bone density. These implants are thinner and longer, and they are put past the spongy area of the bone into the stronger layer of bone. This makes them an excellent choice for folks who have been denied standard implants.

3-Day Immediate Implants

Conventional Implants

There is no need for Sinus Lifting or Bone Grafting 

Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting

You don’t have to visit a second times

You should visit a second time between 3-12 months after the treatment

In 3 days, you have permanent teeth

Between  3-12 months, you have permanent teeth

Patients who are unable to be treated by traditional implants can be treated.

Diabetes patients, smokers, and individuals with severe gum disease are NOT all treated equally.

It gives crowns and bridges rapid solidity.

Stabilization issues

The implants are thinner and longer, and the hard bone is being placed.

The implants are short and thick, and they are used to place the spongy bone.

3-Day Immediate Implants

Conventional Implants


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  • Number of doctors: 4
  • Year established: 2021
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