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Istanbul, Turkey

Turkeyana Clinic - Overview

Turkeyana is right place for you to be as you are…


We use our experience in the field to achieve the excellency for more than a decade while providing the best VIP service to make you feel comfortable.


We offer you a whole package of expertise, professionalism, comfort and satisfaction.


You are in Good Hands

We started our journey in Istanbul, in 2012.


Our aim from our first day to now is to reach “the excellency”.


Our clinic is certified locally and internationally from the most well-known organizations in the medical field.


Our Medical Aesthetic Devices…


The most important thing for a beautiful skin is healthy skin. With Vortex technology, HydraFacial has a special nozzle that sprays with pressure and creates a whirlpool effect.Thanks to this head, it is ensured that the solutions are penetrated into the skin without touching the skin.


    ·      Total Skin Care

    ·      Skin Cleansing

    ·      Opening Clogged Pores

    ·      Reduction of Blackheads

    ·      Regulating Skin Tone

    ·      Balancing Sebum

    ·      Skin Hydration

    ·      Increase the Elasticity of the skin

Who is Applicable for HydraFacial?

All Age Groups and All Skin Types, including the most sensitive skin, in all seasons.

Who is not applicable for HydraFacial?

Active Eczema, Open Wounds, Psora, Pregnant

How Many Sessions of HydraFacial are Applied?

34 sessions with 1-week intervals are an ideal cure. It is recommended to be repeated once a month to maintain the result.


Scarlet X

Scarlet X uses Radio Frequency Energy is given under the skin through specially designed micro needles. This system, which can treat the problems in the epidermis and dermis at the same time, by giving controlled damage to the skin with radio frequency waves. The collagen fibers open up over time and the skin loses its elasticity by years. Collagen fibers that have been opened with Scarlet X, also known as Golden Injection, are brought together again.


    ·      Lifting Effect

    ·      Total Skin Rejuvenation

    ·      Enlarged Pore Treatment

    ·      Acne & Acne Scar Application

    ·      Fine Wrinkle Application

    ·      Brow lift

    ·      Melasma Application

    ·      Regulating Skin Tone

    ·      Redness and Rose Disease Application

    ·      Striae Application

    ·      Skin Renewal

    ·      Hyper-pigmentation Treatment

    ·      Clarification of Face and Jaw Lines

Who is Applicable for HydraFacial?

All Age Groups and All Skin Types

Who is not Applicable for HydraFacial?

Active Eczema, Open Wounds, Psora, Pregnant, Bipolar, 1-week non-alcohol taken

How Many Sessions of Scarlet X are Applied?

34 Sessions / 1 Month Break EFFECTIVE 1 YEAR


Morpheus8 (Golden Injection)

Morpheus8 is a Non-Surgical Fractional treatment that uses Radio Frequency under the skin by micro needles by the given controlled damage, it provides skin healing, reduces wrinkles and rebuilds new collagen which our skin lost by the years.


·       Acne & Acne Scars


·       Black Holes


·       Jawline Contouring


·       Under-Eye Wrinkles


·       Fine Wrinkles


·       Double-chin


·       Around Eye


·       Non-Surgical

Lifting Effect

·       Neck Tightening



·       Skin Pigmentations


·       Elasticity Growth


·       Armpit Treatment


·       Skin Resurfacing

·       Facial Slimming

·       Stretch Marks

How Many Sessions?

2 – 3 Sessions / 1 Month Break

Who is Applicable for Morpheus8?

All Age Groups and All Skin Types

Who is not Applicable for Morpheus8?

People with permanent filling and silicone filling, impaired wound healing, diseases such as keloid and hypertrophic scar.


–––––– What is the Difference between Morpheus8 & Scarlet X? ––––––

Cynosure Icon (Palomar)

The Icon uses non ablative fractional laser technology stimulating regeneration. Icon works on all skin types, from very fair to very dark, and doesn’t bring any of the side effects by combining many features in a single device, it offers users a wide range of uses from epilation to wrinkles, from surgery and acne scars to crack treatment in all skin types. Fractional laser technology is the most preferred after surgical methods in aesthetic applications. ICON has a superior technology used in the treatment of different skin problems, minimizing the recovery time with its non-ablative feature.


    ·      Stretch Mark (Striae) Treatment

    ·      Vascular Lesions Capillary Rupture

    ·      Surgical Scar Treatment

    ·      Deep Scar Treatment

    ·      Acne Scar Treatment

    ·      Burn Scars Treatment

    ·      Stretch Mark Treatment

    ·      Wrinkle Reduction

    ·      Fractional Skin Revolution

    ·      Redness and Rose Disease Application

    ·      Portwine Treatment

    ·      Skin Regeneration

    ·      Hyper-pigmentation Treatment

    ·      Laser Hair Removal

Who is Applicable for Icon?

All Age Groups and All Skin Types, except very dark skins

Who is not Applicable for Icon?

Active Eczema, Open Wounds, Pregnant, Bipolar

How Many Sessions of Icon Are Applied?

1 session 20 30 minutes 3 4 sessions / 3 weeks Break (It can change for the concerns)


Clatuu Alpha 360

Considering the time and money spent on gym memberships and diet regimens, ALFACOOL 360 is the definitive solution for a fat reduction experience.

Sculpt and Smooth All Body Areas with Clatuu…

    o   Wing applicator for large bulges such as abdomen, back and flanks.

    o   Flat applicator for small areas such as love handles, arms and thighs.



        -     Max Comfort & Convenience

        -     Safe & Secure System

        -     Non-invasive & Zero Downtime

        -     Fast Results

        -     Safe & Effective Alternative to Liposuction

        -     Complements Other Treatments

        -     Guaranteed Satisfaction

        -     Highly Profitable ROI


Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest.

Ultherapy, anon-invasive treatment, goes deeper to stimulate production of your body’s own collagen and elastin, for natural-looking results without surgery or downtime 

As a modern face lift,it non-invasively treats tissues at the same depth as a surgical face lift,using micro-focused ultrasound, without taking the patient away from their social life.


    ·      Non-Surgical FACE LIFT

    ·      The ONLY Non-Invasive treatment FDA Cleared for Lifting

    ·      BEST Skin Tightening non-surgical

    ·      New Collagen Growth

    ·      Brow Lift

    ·      Neck Stretching

    ·      Chin Lift

    ·      Skin Rejuvenation

    ·      30 45 Minutes 1 Session for 1,5 years

Who is Ulthera Suitable For?

All people who feel sick loose and sagging are suitable for ULTHERAPY application.Especially people with low eyebrow structure, wrinkles around the eyes, a person with short mature skin, signs of aging are begging to appear, and who do not feel ready for surgical intervention yet can benefit from this application.