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Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health Medical Center


Bursa, Turkey

Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health Medical Center - Overview

Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health provides cutting edge technologies (Robotic surgery, O-Arm visualization in spine surgery, stem cell, microsurgery etc.) which minimize margin of error for surgeon and are patient-orient methods. In our center, highly trained and experienced orthopedists and physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists serve together to provide the patient-specific treatment options.


Our doctors and specialists, who are experts in their fields and have a culture of continuing medical education, attend national and international meetings and courses to further their experience. Advanced diagnosis and treatment methods for bone, muscle and joint health and latest technology services such as robotic joint surgery are offered in Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health.


Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health Center provides services in all areas of joint surgery, and orthopedic problems such as foot-ankle, knee, hip, waist, back, shoulder and elbow pain which are treated with the advanced and effective methods. In addition, services are provided in physical therapy and rehabilitation, robotic knee replacement, interventional pain treatment, sports injuries, regenerative orthopedics, bacteriophage therapy, limb-lengthening surgery, foot care, spine health, osteoporosis and cerebral palsy areas. In the light of scientific developments, regenerative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cell applications and bacteriophage treatment are the pioneering applications in Turkey with expert knowledge and support.


Why to Choose Turan & Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health?

·      Experienced doctors in the field of orthopedic surgery

·      Patient-centered care, respect for patients' preferences and physical comfort

·      Patient satisfaction,

·      Central location,

·      Affordable prices,

·      Surgeons specializing in robotic surgery; more than 1000successfully robotic surgeries,

·    Our team consists of people from different countries, religions, languages, and genders

·    Our team can speak Turkish, English, French Arabic, and Russian fluently which means our team is multi-lingual and there is no language barrier between us and our patients

·    Our teams no to racism and sexism, you won’t face with racism problems in our team

·    Our mission is providing high quality and safest treatments and technologies to the patients who needs our help with the best prices

·    We provide you transfer from Airport-Clinic-Airport with VIP car service. All you need to do is sharing your flight information with us and after that our Professional drivers will have been waiting for welcoming you before you land to Turkey. You can find some of the photos of the cars in “Photos” section.

Specializations and Sub-specialties

·      Orthopedics and Traumatology

o  Robotic orthopedic surgery

o  Joint replacement

o  Fractures & Trauma

o  Pediatric orthopedics

o  Arthroscopy

o  Sports injuries

o  Regenerative orthopedics (stem cell and PRP therapy)

·      Orthopedic Surgeries

o  Knee surgery

o  Hip surgery

o  Spine surgery

o  Hand surgery

o  Foot surgery

o  Shoulder-elbow

o  Limb-lengthening surgery

·      Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

·      Interventional Pain Management

o  Spine injections

o  Joint injections

o  Cryoanalgesia

·      Osteoporosis Clinic

·      Cerebral Palsy Clinic

·      Bacteriophage Therapy

·      Foot Care Center

·      Limb-Lengthening Center

·      Spine Center

Number of Procedures Performed

Number of procedures performed by our medical team is as follows:

Ø    2000 Spine Surgeries

Ø    700 Pediatric Surgeries

Ø    11000 Arthroplasty Surgeries

Ø    20000 Sports Orthopedics Surgeries

Centers of Excellence

Robotic Knee Surgery

Our patients benefit from the experience of a team of dedicated specialists acting on the latest scientific findings and modern technological methods. One of these methods is robotic surgery system.

Orthopedic robotic surgery is a robot-assisted surgery method (NAVIO Robotic Surgery System) that allows doctors to perform complex surgical procedures with more precision, accuracy and control than is possible with traditional techniques. Next generation robotic surgical system we use in our center, is the global leader in surgical robotics, especially in knee arthroplasty.

Considering that most of the patients are not satisfied with the outcomes following to knee replacement, robotic knee surgery allows us to improve patient satisfaction. It is designed to meet patient satisfaction at the highest level with the latest updates. In addition, we combine three cutting edge technology and techniques (Highly innovative implants, Cinematically alignment method and Robotic surgery) to perform arthroplasty surgeries. Our well experienced doctors have unique approach and procedures boast. That means you’ll be able to go home sooner and get back to your normal activities faster with the more natural knee, less pain, and quick recovery.

Our patients can walk the day after the surgery. With the help of our physiotherapy experts, our patients’ movements are controlled and leaded fort heir behalf. Also, in our clinic we are using Journey 2 from Smith & Nephew which is an American brand and the latest technology in the field of prosthesis brands.


With the use of next generation robotic technology in knee arthroplasty, we can offer you;

·      Fewer complications,

·      Quicker recovery, shorter hospitalization,

·      Less pain,

·      Improved flexibility and control,

·      3D modeling specific to your anatomy,

·      Minimally invasive surgery process,

·      New knee - more natural feel.

With the use of latest technology of prosthesis, Journey 2, we can offer you;

·      Increased kinematics for patients,

·      Increased rate of recovery,

·      Increased motion range,

·      Increased stability,

·      Highest ability of functions

With the use of NAVIO Robotic Surgery System, we can offer you;

·      The knee is examined during the surgery and thus anatomical data is collected.

·      Horizontal and vertical data is collected as 3D models.

·      3D models helps the physician to place the implant at optimal stage and angle.

·      System doesn’t need CT scans before surgery, so that the patient won’t be exposed to radiation.

·      Error is really less than other methodologies.

·      Patient has smaller cuts.

·      Decreased trauma of tissue.

·      Healthy bone stock is protected.

·      All the tendons are protected.

·      Natural knee sensation.

·      Painless and faster recovery.

·      Patient starts to walk in the same day after surgery.

With the use of O-Arm Technology, we offer you;

·      2D or 3D images in high resolution.

·      Using high-quality navigation, allows for precise and safe CP Insertion.

·      Delivers a slew of other significant advantages for cervical spinal instrumentation.

·      Delivers real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient's anatomy in two and three dimensions, with high-quality pictures and a broad field-of-view.

·      Less radiation is given to the patient.

·      At each stage of the procedure, the surgeon is provided real-time information, and the position of the screw in the bone is presented concurrently.

·      Because we can screw in with smaller incisions, hospitalization and recuperation time are minimized, as is the risk of infection, bleeding, and the need for blood transfusions.

·      Reduces the key hazards associated with difficult operations.

·      Finally, it lowers the risk of acquiring nerve palsy as a result of spinal cord damage.


Arthroscopic Meniscectomy

Arthroscopic meniscectomy is preferred when torn meniscus tissue is not suitable for repair. Meniscectomy is a closed surgery to remove the torn part of the meniscus. In meniscectomy, the damaged meniscus tissue is removed, leaving as much healthy meniscus as possible. After meniscectomy, patients usually show a rapid recovery and return to their daily lives in a short time.


Meniscus Repair

Meniscus tissues are extremely important structures for the knee joint and have important roles in knee joint biomechanics. After meniscal injuries, unlike previous practices, the meniscus should be preserved and anatomically repaired.


Meniscus repair is a surgical procedure that involves suturing the torn meniscus. Meniscus repair allows the knee to regain its normal anatomy and yields good long-term results when surgery is successful. However, meniscus repair is an important operation and when compared to meniscectomy, the time to return to daily life is slightly longer.

Meniscus Transplant

Meniscus transplantation can be considered as the only treatment option in order to prevent calcification in cases where patients lose all/nearly of the meniscus tissue by surgical/non-surgical ways. 

In the meniscus transplantation procedure, frozen meniscus tissues taken from cadavers are transferred to the patient after the necessary tests are performed. If the patient is suitable, the surgery is performed closed or with very small incisions.


In fact, maximum preservation of tissues is very important in the surgery of meniscal tears. However, In many countries, surgical removal of the damaged part of the meniscus is preferred instead of repair in cases where meniscus repair is possible, largely due to lack of surgical experience. Meniscus transplantation is applied by surgeons in the future after this type of surgery.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical operation performed by orthopedic surgeon for the purpose of extending the bones in the arms and legs.

Apart from defects caused by leg length discrepancy(LLD),  bone fractures, congenital defects and developmental disorders, it can be performed only for aesthetic purposes. It is possible leg lengthening is 7-10 cm in leg bones. One of the latest technologies of lengthening surgery is the internal method in which an implant placed in the bone is controlled externally by electromagnetic remote control.

The intramedullary limb lengthening system that we use in our center allows a nail placed in the bone cavity to be controlled externally. Thus, there is no need for an apparatus that are placed outside the leg and limit movement. We offer a customized, minimally-invasive approach to limb lengthening with the less pain and complications, faster recovery, no risk of pin site infection.


Revision Knee/Hip Replacement

Revision surgery for knee/hip is performed to replace the failed prosthesis with a new prosthetic component. Revision surgery is required when artificial joint wears out earlier than expected or implant defects. Also, serious complications can lead to revision surgery.

The surgery improves mobility and enables you to return to normal activities with a pain-free knee and hip. In revision surgeries we aim to replace the failed implant components with a highly quality and stable implants, so we able to improve the implants' longevity, and there would no further revision is needed .

These criteria mainly depend on two things: the surgical technique and the prosthesis material you use.  And we offer you the latest technology with the newly designed implants to restore normal kinematics of knee/hip. Thus, our patients can return to normal activities and lifestyle.


Bacteriophage Therapy

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacterial cells and destroy them. They replicate in bacteria and can not infect or destroy human cell. This feature of bacteriophages led to the idea of using them in treatment of bacterial infections. Especially, it is considered a promising approach against antibiotic resistance.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health. So, bacteriophage therapy provides an alternative and effective method to antibiotics.

Our center provides an effective treatment solution with bacteriophage therapy  for patients with infected wounds, diabetic foot wounds, osteomyelitis, and orthopedic implant-related infections. It has been observed that in many severe bone infections, successful results can be achieved within several weeks with bacteriophage treatment. In addition, the most significant feature of bacteriophages is that phages are specific to bacteria, not human cells. So far, no side effects have been identified for bacteriophages.


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Electronic medical records
  • Insurance coordination


  • Accommodation arrangements


  • Cafeteria/restaurant


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Turkish


  • Doctors have liability insurance


  • Number of doctors: 7
  • Year established: 1999
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