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Izmir, Turkey

Medlife Group - Overview

We are a group of creative minds motivated by the happiness and satisfaction of our patients. Our people, with their talent, creativity, passion and dedication have made Medlife Group what it is today and they will continue to be a key driver of our success. Our mission is to provide you with the best service and to strive to always perform above the standards, raising the bar for health tourism all over Turkey with our exemplary work and service.

Founded as a leading medical company, Medlife Group has been welcoming patients from all over the world, with success, for many years. Thanks to our patients’ positive feedback and support, we are very proud and happy to be awarded the "The Best Patient Service" award in 2019by WhatClinic.

Located in the Modern Capital of Turkey

Located in the very heart of İzmir, the most touristic city of Turkey surrounded by the Aegean Sea and filled with the remnants of past civilizations. By visiting our clinic, not only will you achieve the best results for your health and your desired smile, you’ll also have the chance to discover an ancient city. 

Centers of Excellence

Dentistry In Our Clinic

As the most striking and important feature of your face, creating or reconstructing a beautiful smile to make sure you feel like the best version of yourself is something we take very seriously. Our dentistry team consists of leading dentists of Turkey - experienced, hard-working, fluent in English to be able to communicate effectively with you, and growing with every opportunity. Their exemplary work has been featured in various medical publications. All this helps guarantee you the best possible results and to exceed your imagination.By using the highest quality brands and equipment, your happiness and satisfaction are guaranteed by Medlife Group.

We let our happy customers and the top notch work our dentistry team creates speak for themselves.

Aside from their excellent service, our dentistry team offers free consultation through our medical consultants.

Plastic Surgeries and Procedures in Our Clinic

As Medlife Group, we provide our patients with many treatments such as breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, body contouring and so much more. After comprehending our patients' expectations from treatment, we prepare our patients with the most suitable treatment plans together with our experienced surgeon team. Our surgeons suggest the best options with their expertise to understand the needs of our patients. While doing so, the health and safety of our patients is their primary concern. We always keep in mind that plastic surgeries are not only performed for physical concern but also mental concern. People around the world are looking for plastic surgeries with the purpose of boosting their self-esteem. As humans, we always desire to be admired and liked by the people around us. Plastic surgeries help us boost our look and confidence sometimes with a small touch and sometimes with major changes depending on patients' wants and needs. 

Weight Loss Surgeries in Our Clinic

As Medlife Group, we are dedicated to offering you the most caring and efficient solution designed to help you achieve long lasting weight loss and improve your overall health and well-being. We offer a wide variety of weight loss surgery options including gastric sleeve, gastric balloon and gastric bypass surgeries. Gastric sleeve surgery is the removal of a large part of your stomach. Gastric balloon is an inflatable medical device that is temporarily placed into the stomach to reduce weight. And gastric bypass involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine. Our experienced team and surgeons work together with dietitians, cardiologists and psychologist. After an initial evaluation with our team, they will assess your hormonal, behavioral, medical factors affecting obesity and decide the best treatment based on your health and individual needs.  

Hair Transplant in Our Clinic 

Hair transplants help in regaining the lost confidence and bring about a positive change in life. With new hair comes back a renewed confidence that makes you feel better, thus making a bigger impact on your life than just enhancing your appearance!

Our patients have the best treatment from our highly experienced and talented hair transplant specialist, combining latest technology and advanced methods at affordable costs. We are using FUE, which is a remarkable technique with a success rate of more than 90%. Thanks to 25 years of experience of our hair transplant specialist, we guarantee this permanent solution for your hair loss problem.

You are in good hands! Hair Transplant Procedures in our clinic is done by our highly experienced and trained doctors! Our doctors will achieve your dream look by carrying out the procedure as experts and overseeing everything! They are also well-known pioneers in their field and you'll be extremely satisfied with the results!

Eye Surgery in Our Clinic

 As Medlife Group we offer Laser Eye Surgery,Cataract Surgery and Lens Replacement Surgery. Our main aim is to ensure that our patients get the best possible treatment, and that they are happy with the outcome.

Laser eye surgery corrects poor vision,giving you freedom from glasses and contact lenses, so you can live your life to the full. The procedure itself is extremely quick, taking up to 30-60minutes only.

Cataract is a type of surgery performed on an outpatient basis, so you don't have to stay in the hospital after the surgery.Cataract surgery is quick, painless and produces great results thanks to the latest technology we have here at Medlife Group.

Lens replacement surgery is a vision correction technique for patients who are frustrated with deteriorating vision.The success rate is very high. Lens replacement surgery is safe, and life changing for millions of patients who have this successful procedure every year.

Assisting you every step of the way

The only step you need to take is to contact our clinic and one of our medical consultants will contact you via your preferred method. Our experienced team is educated to offer you one to one service, tailoring the experience to you and your needs.After being contacted by our medical consultants, you’ll be asked to provide any necessary information, confidentially, and an assessment of your case will be made by the professionals. Through the medical consultants you’ll be guided and supported during this process. Every one of our patients is appointed a personal medical consultant to make the process as easy as possible. Our team of highly educated and professional individuals will offer you service through any communication method you prefer.

Your After Care

We perfectly understand your needs both during your decision-making process and after your treatment. Along with an experienced team of medical consultants, we also have a dynamic aftercare team who'll check up on you regularly after you go back to your country. Medlife Group confidently guarantees to support you and keep in touch with you every step of the way, even well after your treatment is finished. Periodically, you’ll be contacted by our AfterCare Specialists to ensure your overall satisfaction and happiness with your treatment. We do everything we can to make the entire journey as hassle-free and straightforward as possible.

We focus on satisfying the real needs of our patients. We aspire to understand their needs in order to provide them with the best support. While keeping our standards as high as in the UK, USA, and Europe, we're offering the best prices. During your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, we’ll always assist you with all your needs.


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  • Year established: 2018
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