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A list of Hospitals and medical centers in South Korea, with relevant information about procedures, location, contact information, photos and more.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery

The philosophy of Banobagi is all about “Detail”. We refrain from making any recommendations for excessive or unnecessary surgery for the benefit of our hospital, and preserve the dignity of our patients first by helping realize the value of beauty and adhering to the basics of medicine.

Samsung Medical Center

The Samsung Medical Center plans to achieve medical innovation in the future to promote the happiness of patients and develop into a global hub of biohealth care study and link the industry by connecting to hospital-R&D Center-school and enterprises.

Wooridul Spine Hospital

Wooridul Spine Hospital has been trying to stand out to be the best professional spine clinic by serving their patients with their outstanding medical skills and innovative surgery techniques.

YUHS Severance Hospital + Gangnam Severance Hospital

Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) was founded in 1885 as the first modern medical institution in Korea by the American medical missionary, Dr. Horace N. Allen.

Sarang Plus Hospital

Sarang Plus Hospital is one of the well-known specializing joint and spine hospitals in Korea.

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