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Banobagi Plastic Surgery

The philosophy of Banobagi is all about “Detail”. We refrain from making any recommendations for excessive or unnecessary surgery for the benefit of our hospital, and preserve the dignity of our patients first by helping realize the value of beauty and adhering to the basics of medicine.

17 listed plastic surgeons:

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Dr. Jaesang Barn

PhD Board certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hyuntaek Lee

PhD Board certified Plastic Surgeon

Available plastic surgery procedures:

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Procedure Prices

Breast augmentation (Anatomical)

10,100 US$

Breast augmentation (Micro Texture anatomical)

11,800 US$

Breast augmentation (MOTIVA)

13,600 US$

Breast augmentation (Round)

8,300 US$

Breast augmentation(Polyurethan)

15,000 US$

Breast ptosis correction

7,800 US$

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