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Banobagi Plastic Surgery


Seoul, South Korea

Banobagi Plastic Surgery - Overview

The philosophy of Banobagi is all about “Detail”. We refrain from making any recommendations for excessive or unnecessary surgery for the benefit of our hospital, and preserve the dignity of our patients first by helping realize the value of beauty and adhering to the basics of medicine.

Safe Beauty, Banobagi

Safety and the patient’s comfort is the most important consideration in any surgical procedure. We invest in our facilities to provide patients with the safest surgical conditions and treatment and continually upgrade our advanced operating room systems and the emergency power generation systems in cases of emergencies. In addition to our safety precautions,four anesthesiologists are present in the operating rooms to closely monitor all surgeries.

Banobagi’s Emergency system
Banobagi keeps a cardiac defibrillator on site which is essential for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in order to deal with emergency situations that might occur.

Dual safety devices to manage the safety of power supply during surgical procedures
Banobagi is equipped with a large generator and a UPS dual emergency power supply system.

Precision patient monitoring system
The patient monitoring system constantly and precisely checks the vital signs of the patient, including cardiac activity, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Detailed and Experienced Banobagi

There are many hospitals that can perform cosmetic surgery. However, there are not many hospitals that focus on the heart of plastic surgery and its core fundamentals and principles. Banobagi’s team of specialized surgeons research cases and take on difficult and challenging surgical procedures that would normally be avoided by regular surgeons. We continually learn about, study, and perfect procedures in order to be the best and most qualified and trusted in the field. The main philosophy of Banobagi is improvement of patients’ quality of life, and maintain the highest levels of satisfaction possible.

It is the responsibility of any hospital to take care of the health and wellbeing of their patients. Based on this patient-centered medical philosophy, Banobagi provides special, personalized and comprehensive medical examinations before any surgery. From the most basic of medical check-ups to detailed examinations of the skin, bones, blood, tissue, and various diseases, we carefully check every patient’s health condition before surgery to ensure the procedure is conducted safely.

Centers of Excellence

Face Contouring
Surgery that takes into consideration the person rather than just the shaping of the bones

The aim of face contouring surgery is not just about the modifications of one’s bones in the face, but to make your face line more beautiful in appearance with correct and symmetrical facial proportions. And so, it is very important to anticipate and forecast the changes that will occur in the muscles and skin in addition to the changes made to the bone. Banobagi precisely analyzes the muscles, fat and skin in your face for a more beautiful facial expression, in order to create a smaller, more natural and beautiful appearance of the face.

Body Contouring
Outstanding equipment,
Exceptional specialists.

No matter how up to date and modern the equipment is, the desired results cannot be achieved and made unless such equipment is used by a qualified specialist. The most important consideration in body surgery is ‘the understanding of the balance of the body’ and the ‘expert skills of the surgeon’ through years of experience. The Banobagi body surgery team has been perfecting, improving upon and gaining a wider range of experience since its opening in 2000. Banobagi takes pride in the pursuit of your transformation into having a beautiful and balanced body through the combination of exceptional equipment and the expertise of our outstanding specialists.

Breast Surgery Detail
Surgery that the patient understands and is satisfied with

The decision to undergo breast surgery includes a lot of factors to consider, such as the size and the shape of the breast with sensitivity and sensation, lifestyle, health conditions and the natural fit of the implant can affect your desired results. Therefore, it is important to understand these factors in order to achieve the best results. Through detailed consultations with our experts, Banobagi assists patients in better understanding and encourage to actively being involved in the planning of your ultimate goal. Thus, the result is more rewarding and satisfying because, together, we pursue the ideal outcome with the same understanding.

Eyelid Surgery Detail
Customized surgery from diagnosis to surgery

When undergoing any eye surgery procedure, a specific diagnosis is needed for various aspects of the treatment area such as the shape of the eyes, the thickness of the eyelids, and whether there are any functional problems when close and open your eyes. Our main goal of detailed consultation is to provide you with the information and confidence you need.

Rhinoplasty Detail
One on one individual consultation that take into consideration of the face from various angles.

No matter how beautiful the nose is, it can look less attractive if it doesn’t complement the shape of the individual’s face. As nose is located in the center of the face, it looks relatively different depending on the other features of the face. We know that the most important aspect of the patient's face is the harmony and the ratio of the face. Therefore, Banobagi is able to suggest the ideal shape of the nose to suit each individual.

Anti-aging Specialist who even cares on Facial Expressions

The wrinkles are often made from the repeated facial expressions made by an individual over their lifetime. Performing anti-aging surgery or treatment should be based on the fundamental understanding of the muscles when making those facial expressions. Based on our expert knowledge and exceptional surgical skills, Banobagi help to identify the behavior of certain facial muscles and use this to improve upon the causes of aging. Therefore, the results appear in a more appealing and natural look for the patient.

Stem Cell
Various range of application of SVF cells

SVF cells not only have excellent self-repair capability, but also have the ability to adapt to the injected site, allowing them to be used in various areas. With our expertise in stem cell therapy, Banobagi offers effective and natural improvements in various areas of skin scarring, aging, and the correction of facial and body features with our cellular treatment procedures.

Revision Surgery Detail
Accurate corrections starting from the basics

There are various reasons to undergo a revision operation to correct imperfections from previous surgical procedures, but there is only one conclusion: to identify and correct the causes of the patient’s dissatisfaction and make it more satisfactory than now. Based on the understanding and diagnosis, it is essential to observe the basic and principle and to operate. Banobagi understands the patient and promise the correct correction.

Filler Injection Detail
Professionalism and expertise to increase patient’s satisfaction

Administering a filler injection is a relatively simple procedure, however the results are dependent on who the medical practitioner is. Banobagi has a team of dedicated specialists who have the expertise and understanding of a patient’s skin conditions, facial muscle movement, and characteristic of the fillers when administering a filler procedure. Therefore, experience and knowledge of treatments and the techniques lead to more satisfactory results for our patients.

Characteristics of BANOBAGI

  • Specialized cosmetic surgery hospital : High-tech equipment for medical treatment
    "ONE-STOP“ is the general treatment system that allows the whole process of plastic surgery –precise examination, surgery, care and regular checkup to be done at one place as having various medical facilities.
    BANOBAGI is a giant plastic surgery clinic
    with 6-floor main building & 5-floor annexed building in which there are various medical facilities, able provide more convenient& effective medical services.
    BANOBAGI has large diesel generator and UPS(Underground Press Syndicate), if hospital’s electricity has blackout suddenly, we can handle the crisis because of these two equipment. Moreover, we also have external biphasic defibrillator system for emergency situation.
  • Specialized cosmetic surgery hospital : 15years know-how through clinical experience
    BANOBAGI provides customized surgery methods based on many years of clinical experience and advanced surgical techniques. And BANOBAGI does procedures that improve harmony and balance of the whole face rather than focusing on certain areas in the aspect of face remodeling.
  • Specialized cosmetic surgery hospital : Cooperate with Seoul National University
    BANOBAGI consists of senior and junior specialists from Seoul National University who are professionalsof plastic surgery.
    We individually manage facial contour, fat body type, oculoplastic, rhinoplastic centers in order to provide higher quality and trustworthy surgery for customers.
  • Specialized cosmetic surgery hospital : Anesthesiology specialists are stationed 24 hours
    Anesthesiology specialists stay in hospital 24hours for safety and accuracy of our patient’s condition, thus they participate all of process of operation.
    Before the surgery, anesthetists check customer’s condition accurately and they carefully monitor it during the surgery. Lastly after surgery, they take care of customers that they don’t feel uneasy or suffer from pain.
  • Advanced system : one to one Personalized Medicine system
    Director who perform a surgery directly treats patient one to one.
    Through personalized medical system, we provide beyond expectation for body and face and also maximize our guest’s satisfaction.
  • Advanced system : BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery · Dermatology Co-operation
    Since the BANONAGI Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic has merged together, we increase our patient’s satisfaction due to fundamental improvement of skin condition by the art laser equipments after successful surgery.
    Based on our full of cosmetic service experiences, each of our specialists treats patient with personal program in order to create their own beauty. We offer pre-surgery consultation to treatment after operation that give our patient satisfactory accomplishment.
  • Advanced system : BANOBAGI Dental Clinic
    BANOBAGI do not cooperate with any other dental hospital. we individually have a dental clinic in our building which is easier to provide dental treatment immediately and correctly to patient in urgent situation.
    If we have bimaxillary operation schedule, our medical specialist of oral and maxillofacial surgery cooperates with orthodontist. Therefore, we complete beautiful and stable face to you.
  • Advanced system : Registered as the medical institution
    Medical institution allowed to treat foreign patients selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.BANOBAGI provides the advanced medical services to tourists from Asia, North America and Europe as well as foreigners living in Korea.
  • Advanced system : Official artecoll surgery hospital
    Artecoll can correct facial contour and improve the volume of the face, and its effect lasts semi-permanently for more than 10 years. Artecoll is the smartest plastic surgery for those who lead very busy lives because it enables them to return to their normal lives in a short period of time without any side effects. Artecoll can only be performed at the designated hospitals. BANOBAGI is the officially designated plastic surgery clinic for proper artecoll procedure and has achieved recognition by Dr. Lempel who is the founder of artecoll filler. BANOBAGI provides highly advanced medical services including safe artecoll procedure on the basis of many years of clinical experience and professional knowledge.
  • Advanced system : After surgery care system
    Success of surgery depends on the medical specialist’s experiences and capability. however, the end of result is decided how to treat it after surgery. Thus, BANOBAGI provides physical therapy, high class aesthetic service programs. It leads it to a quick recovery and the best result of plastic surgery.
  • Advanced system : BANOBAGI Cosmetic
    BANOBAGI cosmetic offers a higher level of beauty service by post-operative cares such as rapid swelling reduction and skin regeneration. Higher satisfaction in beauty can be guaranteed by not only surgical procedures from BANOBAGI plastic surgery & BANOBAGI dermatology but also various cosmetic products. BANOBAGI cosmetic products show outstanding effectiveness in moisturizing, elasticity, whitening and improvement of wrinkles & troubles as they contain adenosine, niacinamide, argan oil and argan oil.


Korea's Leading Hospital - Received a plaque of appreciation in plastic surgery
As being the leading plastic surgery clinic in Korea, BANOBAGI has received a plaque of appreciation from President Park Geun-hye in recognition ofits devotion in medical technology exchange between Korea and China & medical tourism.

Awarded the grand prize in the 7th Korea global medical service, Medical Asia 2014
With well-structured medical services,BANOBAGI will make persistent efforts to receive recognition for its accomplishments from Korea &foreign countries.

Awarded the grand prize in the 8th Korea Green Environment and Culture
The grand prize in Green Environment and Culture supportedby the Minister of Environment& sponsored by the incorporated association, “Environment and People” is the award given for outstanding achievement of environmental management activities. BANOBAGI has been growing as the eco-friendly clinic with beauty and environment into account.
Officially designated plastic surgery clinic by the Korea Model Association & received the achievement award as the superior institution for Gangnam-gu medical tourism.

BANOBAGI has received recognition of professionalism and safety, so it has been officiallydesignated by the Korea Model Association.
And BANOBAGI has received the achievement award from the chief of Gangnam-gu Office as contributing to the development of medical tourism with the advanced medical services.

Specialties at Banobagi Plastic Surgery


  • Transportation services
  • Personal escort available
  • Financing available


  • Accommodation arrangements


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese


  • Doctors have liability insurance
  • Hospitals has liability insurance


  • Number of doctors: 20
  • Year established: 2002
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