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Molding Clinic Surgical Center


Tijuana, Mexico

Molding Clinic Surgical Center - Overview

The Molding Clinic Surgical Center offers surgical treatments for weight challenged clients. They perform liposculture, breast implants and reductions, tummy tucks, and gastric band surgeries which is the clinic’s specialty. The Molding Clinic Surgical Center also executes several cosmetic and reconstructive procedures including face lift, nose surgeries, micro hair transplant, buttock augmentation, eyelid surgeries, mesotherapies, varicose vein treatments and carboxitherapies.

The Molding Clinic Surgical Center offers personalized nutrition planning to encourage balanced eating and lose weight at the same time. The founder, Dr. Jose Martin Martinez, envisions a safe environment for weight challenged patients and assists them with maintaining nutrition.

The Molding Clinic Surgical Center is just a quarter of a mile away from the Mexican border. From the San Diego International Airport, the clinic is only 15 miles south.

Specialties at Molding Clinic Surgical Center


  • Transportation services


  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Recovery facilities


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Number of doctors: 6
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