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Sarang Plus Hospital


Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Kook Hee-kyun

Dr. Kook Hee-kyun

CEO and Orthopedic Surgeon
at Sarang Plus Hospital
Speciality TKR (Total Knee Replacement), Arthroscopy, Sports Injury, Cartilage Regeneration
Education -Yonsei University Medical College
-Overseas Training in Robot TKR / BGU Hospital, Germany
-Overseas Training in Micro-incision TKR, / New Brunswick, USA
-Overseas Training in Micro-incision TKR / PERTHES Hospital, Australia
Memberships -Member of Korean Orthopedic Association
-Advisor of Korean National Team
-Member of American Orthopedic Association
Awards - Appointed to Training Center for Robotic Joint Surgery firstly in Korea

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