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Poland has slowly emerged as a premiere medical tourism destination in Europe. This can be mainly attributed to Poland's recognition and acceptance to the European Union. Poland's accession to this international organization, has resulted in an increase in Europe's awareness of Poland's ability to provide excellent healthcare at very affordable cost. In addition, it provides excellent leisure holidays that can rival any destination in the world.

Healthcare System in Poland

Medical services in Poland can be availed through clinics and health institutions that are equipped with modern equipment and facilities, which are on par with Western European countries. Most of these medical facilities are state-owned, but some prominent private institutions cater to the needs of foreign medical travelers.

Polish medical institutions are certified by the Polish Ministry of Health and are recognized by the European Union and NATO. International accreditation includes ISO as well as the Trent Accreditation Scheme or TAS from the UK and the European Society for Quality in Healthcare or ESQH.

Polish medical doctors as well as dentists are required to undergo at least one year of internship before they can take the National Medical Exam. After passing this exam, they would then receive their Medicine or Dentistry license. Aside from that, these professionals would then be registered in the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Poland (Naczelna Izba Lekarska in Polish),which is mandatory for all Polish health practitioners and is duly recognized by the European Union and other Western countries. A compulsory post graduate system has been recently implemented, and is based on the Continuous Professional Development system currently in use by more prominent European and North American nations.

Top Hospitals and Clinics in Poland

  • The Clinical Hospital No.10 and Polyclinic
    This State healthcare facility is considered as one of the largest modern hospitals in Poland. It is equipped with the latest in diagnostics and treatment facilities and has been in operation since 1985. Certified with the ISO, AQAP 2110 and the NATO/OTAN Commercial and Government Entity code, the Clinical Hospital No.10 and Polyclinic meets the stringent requirements of the European Union and NATO. It is equipped with state-of-the-art neuro-navigation, imaging and operating systems that are on par with the best in the USA, Germany and Saudi Arabia.
  • Damian Medical Center
    Located in Warsaw, the Damian Medical Centre or DMC is the only privately-owned healthcare facility in the nation's capital. The hospital has been in operation since 1994 and is ISO certified. It boasts of three top-of-the-line operating theatres and a one-day surgery department that spans various departments including surgery, obstetrics and general medicine.
  • The Gizinscy Medical Center
    The foremost health facility in Poland that specializes in cosmetic surgery. The clinic is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and facilities needed for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, which can rival the best in Europe.
  • Alfa-Med Dental Clinic
    This is one of the premiere dental facilities in Poland which offers general dental and orthodontic surgeries and procedures for medical tourists. The clinic utilizes some of the most modern equipment and facilities in the whole of Europe, including an endodontic microscope, surgical lasers and intraoral cameras. Their highly-trained clinical staff also participates in research studies that are well recognized by medical publications and presented in prominent international medical conferences.

Common Treatments Done by Medical Tourists in Poland

Healthcare facilities in Poland offer a wide array of procedures and services for medical travelers, which include but are not limited to the following:

Cost of Medical Treatments in Poland

Cost comparison between Poland and Germany
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Procedure Germany Poland Average Savings
Fillings 34,00 € - 76,00 € 20,50 € - 47,00 € 38% - 41%
Tooth Reconstruction of compound material 124,00 € - 173,00 € 25,50 € - 39,00 € 77% - 79%
Root Canal Treatment 45,00 € - 173,00 € 38,50 € - 78,00 € 15% - 55%
Teeth Whitening 300,00 € - 500,00 € 155,50 € - 208,00 € 48% - 58%
Tooth Implant (One Tooth) 1500,00 € - 2000,00 € 1299,00 € - 1818,00 € 9% - 13%
Full Ceramic Crown 782,00 € - 800,00 € 259,50 € - 390,00 € 66% - 51%
Cost comparison between Poland and the UK
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Procedure UK Poland Average Savings
Face Lift (rhytidectomy) £877,00 - £2280,00 £782,00 - £800,00 10% - 65%
Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty) £2945,00 - £4950,00 £1578,00 - £2280,00 46% - 54%
Botox (Facial Region) £340,00 - £400,00 £298,00 - £320,00 12% - 20%
Gold Thread Procedure (Face) £1800,00 - £3500,00 £560,00 - £620,00 69% - 82%
Liposuction (Abdominal) £2700,00 - £5800,00 £965,00 - £1580,00 64% - 97%
Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) £2650,00 - £4000,00 £700,00 - £1400,00 74% - 96%
General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Procedure UK Hospitals Poland Average Savings
Fillings £38,00 - £60,00 £14,00 - £32,00 52% - 63%
Root Canal Treatment £275,00 - £650,00 £26,00 - £52,00 90% - 92%
Tooth Extraction £80,00 - £250,00 £12,00 - £19,00 85% - 92%
Tooth Whitening £290,00 - £695,00 £105,00 - £140,00 63% - 79%
Porcelain Veneer £1990,00 - £3950,00 £140,00 - £175,00 92% - 95%

Malpractice and Liability Laws in Poland

Medical malpractice and liability laws in Poland are based on the European Tort Law of 2004. This law states that medical practitioners are liable for damages and need to provide compensation, only if their judgment or final decision were proved illegal as declared during formal proceedings.


  • Costs

    Cost effective prices as compared to other Western and more developed countries in Europe
  • Highly qualified physicians

    Internationally acclaimed medical practitioners in the fields of cosmetic surgery, dentistry and general surgery.
  • Medical facilities

    High quality of medical and diagnostic facilities.
  • Proximity

    Close proximity to many European countries.
  • Cheap travel from Europe

    Cheap air or train travel from almost anywhere in Europe.


  • Lack of accreditation

    Lack of International accreditation (e.g. JCI) in the majority of hospitals and clinics.
  • Limited options

    Limited options for major surgical procedures and treatments.
  • Language

    Although some medical staff are multilingual, most are not fluent in English and would have difficulty communicating in this language

Traveling to Poland

Polands Medical tourism destinations are located in major cities that are easily accessible by plane. These destinations include Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Szczecin and Wroclaw which can be reached by international flights coming from all parts of Europe. Low-budget flights are available, making the trip affordable for the health travelers.

Average estimated travel time in hours

From/To Poland (Warsaw)
London 2
Munich 1
Berlin 1
Vienna 1
Zurich 2
Geneva 2
Dubai 6
Rome 2
Moscow 2
Copenhagen 1

Entry and Exit Requirements to Poland

Citizens of the European Union as well as several other countries do not require a Visa to gain entry into Poland. The list can be found here.
Travelers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the rest of the world need a Visa to gain entry to Poland.
For member countries under the Schengen Agreement, (which Poland participated in), visas and passports are not even required nor controlled on the borders, however, it is imperative for travelers from these nations to carry proper identification at all times.

Poland Medical Tourism Statistics

Poland has emerged as the premiere destination for health travelers in Central Europe and neighboring regions. In 2006, medical tourism patients accounted for more than 450,000 visitors to the country. These figures are expected to rise by 15%-20% each year as Poland gains popularity as a cost-effective medical tourism destination.

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