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Wroclaw, Poland

EuroMediTravel - Overview

Obtain the best service of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and others from Polish doctors and clinics.Their experienced and perfectly qualified staff is dedicated to providing world-class standard in medical services abroad.

Their competitive advantage is world-class medical treatment at low cost and long waitlist is not an issue - never to be found in the clinics you have attended so far. You can be in the surgery the morning after getting off the plane.

They are committed to ensuring that you will make the most of your visit to Wroclaw from touch-down to take-off. You will get first-class medical care and superlative quality accommodation.


They strive to provide customer service that will leave their patients feeling spiritually and physically rejuvenated. You will be offered sightseeing tours around Wroclaw and its vicinity, beauty enhancement treatments at spa and massage centres and inhalations in salt caverns.

An English-speaking guide will be at your disposal to make you feel at ease and your stay more comfortable.


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