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RA-DENT Dental-Prosthodontics Clinic


Szczecin, Poland

RA-DENT Dental-Prosthodontics Clinic - Overview

RA-DENT Dental Prosthodontics Clinic specializes in providing dental services under the fields of orthodontics, surgery, prosthetics and endodontics. Some of the services in RA-DENT’s wide spectrum are: light-activated fillings, crowns, ceramic bridges, bracket dentures, dental implants, teeth whitening and dental prosthetics. RA-DENT offers teeth jewellery services as well.

RA-DENT composes of a team of specialists under each subspecialty mentioned above. These specialists are supported by a team of professional dental assistants. Heading the clinic is Dr. Rafal Zawojski, a dentistry graduate at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, and a degree holder likewise in dental prosthetics.

The clinic employs modern equipment in carrying out their services. Some of their latest innovations are the intra-oral camera (which enables the patient to see and understand the procedures he/she is undergoing), mini-implants (implants that can be done in a rapid 2 hour period), elastic removable dentures (which are comfortable and does not need any brackets), and coloured fillings that children prefer.

RA-DENT supports dental tourism and is partners with the Radison hotel. RA-DENT has treated many foreign patients coming from Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and other countries. The clinic provides their patients guarantees and invoices for all services undergone.

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