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Palermo, Italy

ISMETT - Overview

ISMETT is a scientifically based care and research institute (IRCCS) inthe fields of end-stage organ failure treatment and research. ISMETT is acenter of excellence in transplantation, as well as a leading hospitalthroughout the Mediterranean region. The institution is a hospital that takespart in important research projects designed to provide patients with the mostadvanced treatments for end-stage vital organ failure.

An example of innovative and effective clinical management, ISMETT wascreated through an international partnership between the Region of Sicily andUPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center).

Excellence In Health Care

Superior and Safety

All ISMETT activities are carried out bymultidisciplinary teams in order to provide the most advanced treatments topatients using high-tech services.


ISMETT is the first hospital in southern Italy toreceive Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, considered one ofthe most advanced accreditation systems to assess the high quality and safetyof hospital facilities.


JCI accreditation confirms ISMETT’s high standards oftreatment and patient safety, and its adherence to continual improvement ofclinical outcomes, administration, reception, and training programs that everyyear involve hundreds of physicians, nurses, technicians, and managerialemployees.



Since December 2013, ISMETT has been part of a networkof hospitals that pay special attention to the specific needs of women, andreceived the “Pink Award” in 2014-2015 and 2016-2017.

Services Available

At ISMETT, clinical activity is organizedacross multiple departments.

Abdominal Program

Abdominal Surgery

Liver Transplant

Living-Related Liver Transplantation

Kidney Transplant

Living-Related Kidney Transplantation

Pancreas Transplants

Hepatology and Gastroenterology




Heart Program

Cardiac Surgery

Heart Transplantation

Clinical Cardiology and Heart Failure

Interventional Cardiology


Thoracic Program

Thoracic Surgery

Lung Transplants

Pneumology Unit


Surgical Oncology

Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Surgery

Thoracic Oncologic Surgery

Medical Oncology

Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Endoscopy

Radiology Service


Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Anesthesia and Critical Care

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services


Nuclear Medicine

Digestive Endoscopy


Other Specialities

Infectious Diseases

Clinical Psychology


ISMETT For Children

Pediatric Liver, Kidney, Lung Transplantation and Abdominal SurgeryProgram is active at Ismett.


 Pediatric Liver Transplant

 Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplantation

 Liver Transplant for Biliary Atresia

 Biliary Tract Atresia

 Pediatric Hepatology


 Pediatric Kidney Transplant

 Living-Related Kidney Transplant

 Rare Kidney Diseases

Other specialties

 Pediatric Interventional Radiology

 Pediatric Endoscopy

International Patients

ISMETT attracts many patients from the area of the Mediterraneanarriving to Sicily to receive qualified care in a facility owned by theSicilian Region, created based on an U.S. model and partnership.

From the first examination to follow-up care, every patient at ourclinic receives expert attention by dedicated team of medical professionals.The quality of medical services and the needs of patients and their familiesare paid the most meticulous attention.

The International Patient Services Department provides assistance tointernational patients before, during and after their stay in Palermo withservices including:

Arrangements for transfer to ISMETT

Assistance with residence permit andvisa requests

Airport pick-up service

Interpreting services

Accommodation arrangements

Citywide transportation

Periodic medical and/or logisticalupdate to embassies translation of medical documents into English

The International Patient Services Department ensures the continuity ofcare by providing patients with contacts for doctors and hospitals in their owncountries.


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  • Year established: 1997
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