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Hospitals and medical centers in Italy who have a Cardiology center.

Humanitas Hospitals

Humanitas is a highly specialized teaching and research hospital. Accredited by the National Health Service, Humanitas is home to world-level doctors in more than 50 clinical areas grouped in specialized centers. The hospital has an Emergency room and a Radiotherapy Area for outpatients.

3 listed cardiologists:

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Dr. Bernhard Reimers

Unit Director

Prof. Efrem Civilini

Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery I Unit

Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital

In 1903, a group of 12 doctors in Brescia established Fondazione Poliambulanza as a private and non-profit hospital.

Available cardiology services:

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Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has areas of healthcare, education, science, research, and innovation in the biomedical and health fields—both clinical and translational—it pursues the goal of safeguarding and enhancing the human person

Available cardiology services:

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