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Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital - Overview

A Non-Profit Organization…

An recognized non-profit private hospital that is part of the Italian National Health Service is Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). In the areas of healthcare, education, science, research, and innovation in the biomedical and health fields—both clinical and translational—it pursues the goal of safeguarding and enhancing the human person.

The important components of the health care we provide include a focus on each patient's unique circumstances, a friendly atmosphere, adherence to the highest international quality and safety standards, as well as the most cutting-edge hospital technology.

The Benefits of Bio-Medico University Hospital

Concentrating on the Person

We place a high importance on treating each person as an autonomous individual and encouraging their active involvement in their own recovery.

Preserving Our Good Ties with the Clients We Assist

Our goal at UCBM Hospital is to simplify administrative processes, increase openness in decision-making processes, and foster meaningful connections with the people we serve. These relationships should be built on trust and understanding.

Communication and Information Clarity and Completeness

In order to promote a culture of health-related information that incorporates communities, social, and voluntary organizations, and that provides residents genuine treatment freedom, we work to provide the greatest quality of effective communication.

Quality and Efficiency

We monitor and evaluate therapeutic routes and patient satisfaction by developing recommendations and indicators, including outcome indicators.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are dedicated to using a constantly updated model of safety governance in the delivery of medical services to patients, employees, and trainees in order to disseminate a culture of safety in an environmentally friendly workplace as the cornerstone of quality health care.


We promote new management techniques and technologies that enable the combination of service quality with the reasonable and effective use of economic, structural, and professional resources.

Discussions with social partners

For the preservation of patients' rights, we participate in responsible conversations with trade unions, volunteer groups, social organizations, and associations.

Environmental longevity

We implement regulations and support programs that encourage the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and we strive to operate with an ecologically friendly hospital model.

Units and Equipments

It has a 17-bed critical care unit, as well as a Pathology Services Unit, a Blood Transfusion Center, and a Medical Laboratory.

There are 13 operating rooms, an Endoscopy Area with four intervention rooms, and a Diagnostic Area with three MRIs, three CT scans, and three ultrasound rooms.

The Oncology Radiotherapy Unit has four linear accelerators (two in Trigoria and two in Via Emilio Longoni in the Prenestino District) and a brachytherapy section.

Our Team

The hospital's multidisciplinary and team approach among health care specialists in each field, as well as across units and services, is a distinctive quality. Each patient is allocated an unique physician and nurse who manage their multidisciplinary treatment and are their immediate interlocutors in this setting.

UCBM Hospital is dedicated to providing the greatest quality of care and support to its patients on a daily basis, owing to the hard work of its numerous experts.

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is to be a center where health care, clinical training, research into novel therapies, and the growth of health care models all work together to benefit the individual.

In pursuit of this purpose, UCBM Hospital prioritizes collaboration among medical and non-medical personnel, recognizing its value and significance in achieving our institutional objectives.

Hospital Environment

The hospital is situated within the vast green area of the Decima Malafede Natural Reserve, at the center of the university campus. Building materials and furnishings have been carefully selected to minimize the impact of being in a hospital on patients and visitors alike, while yet providing high levels of comfort.

It is situated in the center of a contemporary university campus amid the Decima Malafede Natural Reserve, near Rome's Eur region.

The architecture mixes perfectly with the natural surroundings. Hanging gardens cover car parks, machinery enclosures, and service doors. All rooms have natural light, and a sophisticated ventilation system keeps the temperature agreeable and the odors at bay. A cafeteria and a café are located adjacent to the foyer. There is a newspaper-convenience store and an ATM in the lobby.



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  • Number of doctors: 380
  • Number of beds: 357
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