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Gastroenterology in Costa Rica

Hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Costa Rica who specialize in Gastroenterology.

Hospital Clinica Biblica

Clinica Biblica Hospital is one of the top medical institutions of Costa Rica. Approximatey 50% of the physicians at the hospital were trained in the USA.

Available gastroenterology services:

Full information upon request

Hospital La Catolica

Hospital La Catolica's Gastroenterology department has been known in the country for their extensive and professional approach in every medical and surgical procedure concerning gastroenterology.

3 listed gastroenterologists:

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Dr. Cabas Sánchez Javier


Dr. Patiño Masís Jorge


CIMA Hospital

A modern, JCI accredited hospital which provides a full range of diagnostic, emergency, medical and surgical services.

Listed gastroenterologists:

Dr. Graciela Cortes

Bariatric Surgery, Proctology, Gastroenterology

Dr. Hernando Gonzalez

Internal Medicine / Gastroenterology

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