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Nicosia, Cyprus

Dr. Marcus Nitzschke

Dr. Marcus Nitzschke

Infertility Specialist
at Vita Altera IVF Center
Languages German
About Dr. Marcus Nitzschke is a double board-certified OB GYN and infertility specialist from Germany.
Dr. Markus Nitzschke was involved in setting up and facilitating the first IVF program in Europe offering exclusively Natural Cycle IVF at the University Hospital of Bern in Switzerland. Dr. Markus Nietzsche has been published in international journals and is the author of several books on In Vitro Fertilization in Natural Cycle, Minimum Stimulation and Low Ovarian Reserve. He is regularly invited to give lectures at international conferences and workshops.
Professional Experience He received his specialist training at prestigious infertility clinics and university hospitals in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Japan. He became one of Europe’s renowned pioneers in Natural Cycle and Minimal Stimulation IVF.

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