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Vita Altera IVF Center


Nicosia, Cyprus

Vita Altera IVF Center - Overview

Vita Altera provides services in accordance with all the laws and ethical rules concerning IVF in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Our clinic’s goal is patient satisfaction and high treatment success rates.  Our aim is to become one of the leading IVF and fertility clinics in Europe.


Our embryology laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology that complies with European standards. The results achieved in our laboratory with the work of our highly experienced embryologists make us proud. Our clinic has the biggest donor portfolio in Northern Cyprus and there is no waiting list!


Our successful service is ensured by our extert team, and safe & reliable technology “ with our new equipment Vitrolife Embryoscope+ and Chip ID Security System " .  Our clinic determines the treatment methods based on the patient’s diagnosis without compromising quality.


Our experienced and reliable team is working non-stop to turn your dream of having a child into a reality.

Centers of Excellence

High Pregnancy Rates

The successful results achieved by the embryologists in our laboratories are commendable.  Our IVF Centre contains a wide ranged donor portfolio. We can provide you with the donor of your choice as a meticulous compilation of our donor portfolio comprises a variety of ethnic groups.


Highest Level of Service, Latest Technology

Success is teamwork. Vita Altera IVF Centre has a highly experienced, motivated and friendly team, providing a professional service to prospective parents in a friendly family environment. Our embryology laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and is of European Standard.


With our new equipment Vitrolife Embryoscope+, we can monitor the development of embryos 24/7, and ensure that their records are regularly kept. It is an electronic security system which controls error-free matching of sperm and egg samples of our patients using chips, verification – matching of data in all treatment stages. (Sperm test, egg retrieval, development of eggs, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo transfer, cryopreservation of embryo and sperm). Monitoring and controlling the embryos without disturbing them helps significantly in choosing and developing quality embryos.


Electronic Security System

We have an electronic security system that uses chips to control error-free matching of patient sperm and egg samples, data verification and matching at all stages of treatment.

Success Rate




Vita Altera IVF Center is an IVF center with the highest technologies in Cyprus by applying the most accurate treatment methods with an 89% success rate based on clinical ultrasound for the year 2021 and an experienced staff.


Vita Altera IVF Center, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an IVF clinic which has always made its patients very happy with its high success rates in in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Services Available


Egg Donation

It is the process of donating eggs to enable a woman to become pregnant as part of another woman's assisted reproductive treatment or for biomedical research.

- Which women can be candidates for egg donation program?

Premature menopause (early menopause),

Surgical menopause (surgical removal of the ovaries),

Ovarian damage after surgery-radiotherapy-chemotherapy,

Genetic disorders,

Advanced maternal age (especially over 45 years old),

Low ovarian reserve


IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

In this technique, which is performed outside the woman's body, embryos are created in a laboratory environment and embryos with healthy development are placed in the uterus. 


- Who Needs In Vitro Fertilization?


      Couples can use in vitro fertilization (IVF) if any of the following factors are present.


      Female factors:

Damaged or closed fallopian tubes, including previous ligation of the tubes.

After unsuccessful vaccination treatments

Immunological factors

Endometriosis-related infertility

"Unexplained" infertility


       Male factors:

Poor sperm motility (sperms not moving well)

Poor sperm morphology (shapeless sperm)

Low sperm count

Absence of sperm in the semen (Azoospermia)

"Unexplained" infertility


ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection / ICSI)

The process of ensuring fertilization by injecting sperm into the egg is called micro-injection.


The aim here is to determine the mature eggs to be used for microinjection. Afterwards, the sperms in the semen sample taken from the male are prepared by washing method and injected into each mature egg with special devices called micromanipulators.


Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is used for artificial insemination or other 'fertility treatments' so that women or women who do not have their own sexual partner can become pregnant.


Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy is the process of creating a pregnancy in the uterus of another woman by placing the embryo or embryos (created by IVF method) of a couple, and then ending the pregnancy with delivery of the baby.


Embryo Donation

Sometimes, it may be necessary for couples to use both egg and sperm cell from a donor. This is called embryo donation.


For this procedure, embryos are prepared in accordance with the couple's desires and physical characteristics - blood groups, then the candidate mother is prepared in approximately 18-19 days with oral pills and sometimes tapes attached to the body and vaginal drugs and transfer takes place.


Tandem Cycle

Tandem IVF, which gives women the opportunity to use their own eggs as well as healthy eggs donated for pregnancy, is an important technique especially for women with reduced egg number and quality or for women of advanced age.


In tandem treatment, the mother candidate and the donor are prepared at the same time and both eggs (mother candidate and surrogate) are fertilized with the sperm of the couple's male partner. Finally, the better developed embryos of the two are transferred to the mother.


Egg Freezing


- For whom is the Egg Freezing Process Recommended?

Those who want to delay pregnancy for social reasons

Patients who will go under chemotherapy

To create a pool in patients with low ovarian reserve

In cases where the spouses cannot be together on the day of the procedure (work, being abroad, etc.)

Before surgical procedures that will affect reproductive functions


Embryo Freezing


- Who Are the Candidates for Frozen Embryo Transfer?

       Patients whose embryos are frozen due to the risk of hyperstimulation or because the uterus is unsuitable for transfer and fresh transfer is not made

       After genetic testing of embryos,

       Patients with embryo deposits (embryo pool) due to decreased ovarian reserve

       Patients whose embryos need to be frozen until the next process in cases where the hormones for the transfer do not come out as desired


PGD (Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)

 PGD is a laboratory procedure used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to reduce the risk of passing on inherited conditions.


PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

PESA is the acquisition of sperm by aspiration method by reaching the epididymis with a needle without making an incision from the skin.


MESA (Micro-Epididymal Sperm Aspiration)

MESA is a method of obtaining live sperm cells by aspirating with the help of a needle, by reaching the epididymis through an incision made on the skin. PESA and MESA occlusion type azoospermia are mostly used for sperm retrieval after vasectomy.



TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction - Micro TESE)

TESE is a method of searching for live sperm in very small tissue samples, by identifying areas with a higher chance of finding sperm after examination under the microscope from both testes, which are reached through a very small incision on the scrotum skin.


TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

TESA is the process of entering the testicular tissue with the help of a needle and taking sperm from the sperm canal.


NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

NGS is a new technology for DNA, RNA sequencing and variant/mutation detection.


- NGS is recommended for:

Especially for expectant mothers over the age of 37

Recurrent pregnancy loss of unknown cause

In cases where pregnancy cannot be achieved despite two or more IVF treatments

In very heavy (obese) male factor (low number and morphological values in sperm)

In men and women with gonadal mosaicism

In couples with translocation and inversion structural chromosomal problems


Accommodation and Transportation Services for International Patients


We have agreements with hotels and transportation companies suitable for every budget. Our goal is to offer you a healthy and peaceful accommodation environment during your treatment.


Our experienced, dynamic and innovative team is here to serve you.


  • Transportation services


  • Accommodation arrangements


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  • Turkish
  • Hebrew


  • Number of doctors: 1
  • Year established: 2018
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