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Turan & Turan Health Group


Istanbul (Bursa), Turkey

Dr. Kayhan Turan, MD

Dr. Kayhan Turan, MD

The Director of Turan Turan Health Group
at Turan & Turan Health Group
Speciality Robotic Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery
Joint Prosthesis Surgery
Arthroscopic Surgery
About Kayhan Turan, MD who frequently attending international congresses, meetings, courses, and visiting the best clinics, has further deepened his orthopedic specialty training. In 2001, at the Northwestern University School of Medicine Orthopedics Clinic, He worked with Gordon Nuber, MD in the shoulder arthroscopy field for a month. In 2002, at the Northwestern University School of Medicine Orthopedics Clinic, He increased his knowledge on foot and ankle surgery alongside Armen S. Kelikian, MD. In 2003 and 2004 in Mainz, Germany, He participated in complex knee arthroscopy surgeries at Jakob Grevenstein's clinic. In the Sports Orthopedics Clinic at Rush University School of Medicine in Chicago, He was with Brian Cole, MD as an observer doctor.

Kayhan Turan, who started hip arthroscopy surgeries in 1999, attended the surgeries performed by Christopher Larson, MD in Twin Cities Orthopedic Center in Minneapolis, the USA in 2014 to observe advanced techniques in arthroscopic hip surgery. After that, he became one of the pioneers of arthroscopic hip surgeries in Turkey.

In 2012 and 2013, he worked with Stephen Howell,MD, who developed the revolutionary kinematic knee prosthesis surgery method in total knee joint replacement in Sacramento, USA. After learning this surgical technique from him, he became the first physician to apply the kinematic method in knee replacement surgeries in Turkey.

Kayhan TURAN, MD performed robotic total knee replacement surgery for the first time in Turkey in 2016 as well as he started to apply robotic total hip replacement surgeries for the first time in 2018. He has performed more than 700 robotic knees and hips joint replacement surgeries until this time. Kayhan Turan,MD also gave robotic knee replacement surgery training to dozens of orthopedic specialists from Turkey and abroad. He still continues these training programs at TT Orthopedic Academy.
Education 1992, Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine

1993 - 1998, Uludag University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialization Training
Professional Experience 1997, Northwestern University School of Medicine, Sports Orthopedics Clinic, Chicago (United States)

1999 - 2007, Bursa Cekirge State Hospital, Orthopedics Clinic

Kayhan Turan has been the medical director of the Turan&Turan Bone Muscle Joint Health Center since 1999 and the Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center which established in 2016.

1. The Director of Turan Turan Health Group
2. The Director of TT Orthopedics Academy
3. The Director of Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center
4. Orthopedic Robotic Surgery Association President

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