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Zulekha Hospital


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Alind Kumar, MD

Dr. Alind Kumar, MD

Zulekha Hospital
Speciality Acute Kidney Injury
Nephrotic Syndrome
Lupus Nephritis
Languages Arabic, English, Hindi, Punjabi
Education MD (Int. Med)
SCE (Nephrology) (UK)
Professional Experience Dr. Alind has been associated with Zulekha Hospital for the past 5 years. He has also worked as a Nephrologist in the Armed Force Hospital, Kuwait.
Prior to this, he worked as a lecturer in the department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology at M.S Ramaiah Medical College and Teaching Hospital at Bangalore, India.
He also spent 3 years as a Specialist Nephrologist at the Royal Hospital Muscat Oman.

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