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Zulekha Hospital


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Staff at Zulekha Hospital

  • Dr. Mohammad Abdallah Awad, MD

    PRP injection
    Chemical peels
    Q switched laser
    Hair removal laser

    Dr. Shahnawaz Shaikh, MD

    Labour Analgesia
    Pain Management
    Neonatal Anesthesia and Trauma cases
    Arterial Cannulation

    Dr. Fadi Alnehlaoui, MD

    Open bariatric procedures

    Dr. Chidanand Bedjirgi, MD

    Adult and Pediatric Cardiac surgery
    Valve repairs and replacements
    Aortic surgery

    Dr. Fekry El Deeb, MD

    Directional Atherectomy
    IVUS- Intra Vascular Ultra Sound

    Dr. Chandra Bose Vellani Thamunni, MD

    Breast Surgery
    Male Breast Surgery
    Genital Rejuvenation Surgery
    Hand Surgery

    Dr. Himanshu Jatania, MD

    Dental Implants
    Wisdom teeth extractions

    Dr. Lubna Gul, MD

    Paediatric Dermatology
    Diabetes & Dyslipidemia

    Dr. Vipin Mishra, MD

    All types of Diabetes
    All types of thyroid diseases
    Problems of growth and development

    Dr. Manoj K. Ravindran, MD

    Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    Skull Based Surgery
    Coblation Surgery
    Micro Ear Surgery

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