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Georgia is slowly becoming one of the top destinations for medical, cosmetic, or dental healthcare services. With medical tourism becoming increasingly popular, countries such as Georgia virtually serve as untapped resources for those looking to receive quality care at incomparably low costs.

Georgia Healthcare System

Healthcare in Georgia is provided by a universal health care system through which the state funds medical treatment and services in a system of medical facilities that’s primarily privatized. In 2013, the sanctioning of a universal health care system spawned universal coverage of government-sponsored medical care of the population and providing easier access to health care services. The Social Services Administration (SSA) is solely responsible for purchasing publically financed health services in Georgia.

The Healthcare System in Georgia is extremely decentralized and was comprehensively privatized from 2007 until 2012. Regulations are somewhat liberal and the Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (MoLHSA) works to ensure that adequate quality care is being provided to all patients in the country.

When traveling to Georgia for medical purposes, it is advised to do your research to determine which hospital is best for the procedure you need. Seeking care at a reputable, private hospital is typically the optimal choice for medical tourists.

Georgia has one hospital accredited by the Join Commission International (JCI) and that is the Medical Center MediClub Georgia. It is located in Tbilisi and has been accredited by JCI since April 28, 2017.

Top hospitals for medical tourism in Georgia

  • Medical Center MediClub Georgia: Known as Mediclaborgija to locals, this hospital was established in 1999. Placing great focus on efficiency and innovation, the Medical Center MediClub Georgia has its operations broken down into two functional areas: Medical Center and a Learning Resource Center.
  • American Medical Centers Tbilisi: American Medical Centers (AMC) is health services organization with locations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. AMC is committed to providing exceptional services through compassion and professionalism.
  • New Vision University Hospital: New Vision is a nonprofit institution that strives to provide specialized medical services and enforce ethical values and practices. Somewhat of a rarity in Georgia considering its nonprofit status, New Vision hopes to expand human horizons through education, research, and medical innovativeness.
  • Geohospitals: Geohospitals was established on August 22, 2011. Geohospitals strives to provide the highest quality medical services in all of Georgia through personalized visits and treatment plans.

Common treatments done by medical tourists in Georgia

  • Dental Care
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Superlative Care
  • Reproductive Services (IVF, surrogacy, donations)
  • Alternative Medicine

Cost of medical treatments in Georgia

The following are cost comparisons between Medical procedures in Georgia and equivalent procedures in the United States:


Medical Procedures


US Hospitals


Average Savings





Breast Augmentation (standard)




Laser Teeth Whitening




Malpractice and liability laws in Georgia

The previously mentioned MoLHSA oversees most regulations as they related to healthcare in Georgia. In 2013, the MoLHSA enlisted a new set of requirements for graduating doctors based an updated list of required competencies for practicing physicians.


  • Leading Medical Professionals

    Medical Professionals doctors practicing in Georgia undergo many years of formal education and training before working with patients. The dentists in Georgia are revered for their stellar work and ability to offer these great services at such a low cost.
  • Vacation destination

    Georgia has been famous for its ideal vacation spots long before it became a center for medical tourism. There are numerous spa, ski, and sea resorts in the Country, all renowned for their beauty and relaxing atmosphere.
  • English is Commonly Spoken

    Georgians mainly speak their native language, but English is the second most commonly spoken tongue. A lot of the older residents speak Georgian and Russian, while English is increasingly common with the youth or Georgia and some of the aged residents. Nearly every medical facility in Georgia has English-speaking professionals.
  • JCI accreditations

    JCI Accredited institutions as of mid-2017.


  • Travel

    Driving in the Republic of Georgia can be somewhat of a culture shock for those not used to hectic/fast conditions. Some visitors may deem Georgia drivers as aggressive, but locals look at this as efficient traveling. There are also air quality concerns due to the lack of regulations on motor vehicles.
  • Aged Mentality

    The Republic of Georgia only gained their independence from Russian in 1991. A lot of the living residents were raised during soviet times, and some of those aged mentalities can be hard to break.

Traveling to Georgia

Average estimated travel time in hours
From/To Georgia
New York 13
Los Angeles 20
Miami 15.5
Toronto 14
Paraguay 9
Uruguay 10.5
Venezuela 14
Bolivia 8
Dubai 3
Riyadh 3
Kuwait 2
London 5

Entry and exit requirements to Georgia

For entry to the Georgia Republic, you must have a passport that contains a blank page for stamping, and is valid at the time of entry. A tourist visa is not required if you’re staying a year or less. Hepatitis A and pre-exposure rabies vaccinations are strongly recommended, but not required.

Statistics for medical tourism in Georgia

Medical Tourism is such a novel concept in Georgia that not many accurate statistics. The Georgia Tourism Association has considered sponsor a health/medical tourism initiative, but blames the lack of infrastructure development in the medical field for its inability to promote said initiative. There are still plans to endorse this growing industry on a state level in the future once resources and developments are up to standards.

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