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The government of china administers health care services throughout the country. The health care system is made up of a large public sector with a smaller, but growing, private sector. The system has significantly improved in recent years. Recent reforms include health insurance policy reform, the World Bank Health VIII project, and the Health China 2020 project.

The Healthcare System in China

The Beijing United family Co. Ltd, Huangshi Central Hospital, Fuda Cancer Hospital, Clifford Hospital, Huashan Hospital,and Fudan University are the top health centers in China. They are all accredited by the Joint Commission International. There are several (89) other hospitals which also have that accredition, including Hainan Women & Infants, Home Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Family Clinic Co. Ltd, Guangzhou United Hospital, Cangnan People’s Hospital,  Beijing Yanhua Hospital, and Beijing Jiang Gong Hospital, among others.

Top Hospitals in China for Medical Tourism

Common Treatments done by Medical Tourism China

I.     Cancer treatment

II.    Parkinson's disease

III.   Stem cell therapy

IV.   Cataract surgeries

V.   Obesity surgeries

VI.   Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Cost of Medical Treatment in China

Heart Bypass $130,000$10,500$10,000$11,000$18,500$10,500
Heart Valve Replacement $140,000$2,700$9,500$25,000$22,000$10,000
Hip Replacement$43,000$5,500$9,000$12,000$12,000$10,000
Knee Replacement$40,000$7,000$8,500$10,000$13,000$10,400
Spinal Fusion$62,000$6,500$5,500$7,000$9,000$6,500
Dental Implant$2,200$1,000$600$2,150$2,500$1,500
Breast Implants$10,000$3,900$2,600$2,700$8,000$3,500
Face Lift$15,000$2,500$4,800$5,000$7,500$5,000
Gastric Bypass$28,000$8,500$11,000$15,000$15,000$12,000
Prostate Surgery$16,000$3,200$3,600$4,400$5,300$3,000
The costs herein are an average. Prices are estimated and do not comprise travel accommodation or travel costs for the patient. Travel costs, including airfare and hotel will differ.


  • High technology healthcare

    China is well known for the sophisticated technology in their hospitals
  • Quality services offered

  • Procedures have low waiting time

  • Air travel to China is affordable

  • Medical experts trained in the US and Europe

  • Accessibility

    Many airlines include China as a destination
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure


  • High population

    The country has the highest population in the world, hence most of their hospitals are often busy making them not very suitable for medical tourism.
  • Language barrier

    The majority of Chinese medical specialists speak only Chinese languages, making it difficult for efficient communication between the specialist and the patient.
  • Chinese currency

    Most of the people operate with dollars which is a different currency from the one used in china and this may make it difficult to travel to China for medical assistance.
  • Travel to China

From/toBeijing, China (time in hrs)
New York16
Los Angeles12

Entry and Exit Requirements to China

The valid credentials are:

1. Passport: One requires a valid passport permitting them to reside in China. It helps identify an individual and testify their nationality.  

2. Visa: All persons traveling to China for medical purposes require a visa which is valid for at least six months after the intended duration, unless it is for critical and emergency medical requirements. Visas are issued via Chinese embassies.

Leaving China

Foreign tourists ought to leave in the country within the time allowed on their visas. On leaving, they must show their passport or effective certificates at the port checkpoint.

Statistics on Medical Tourism in China

Hundreds of medical tourists have been recorded to have visited China seeking medical assistance. Currently, a couple hundred international patients have been received and treated in various Chinese medical centers over the last four years.




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