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YSA Skin Care Center


Quezon City, Philippines

YSA Skin Care Center - Overview

The YSA Skin Care Centre is owned and founded by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal. Dr. Nazal has put up a large chain of YSA Skin Care Centre outlets as well as additional clinics of her other beauty care centre named Clinica Dermatologica. The clinic provides services to a good number of Filipinos as well as medical tourists from all over the world. 

 The clinic offers beauty treatments including facial services, acne treatment, rejuvenation services, aesthetic surgery, and many more. The clinic also offers Intense Pulse Light treatment and Anti-cellulite Lipo-injection which are both geared to combat aging. Standard treatments such as laser therapy, chemical peeling, hair removal, liposuction, and Botox are available as well. 

 In addition to these services, YSA Skin Care Centre also offers beauty products to its clients. It acts as a distributor of Glutamax Reduced Glutathione Capsules and Glutamax Lightening Soap. Its signature products carrying the brand name YSA Botanica are widely available in local supermarkets and drug stores. Examples of YSA Botanica products are Papaya, Lemon, Glycerin, and Green Papaya soaps. Furthermore, Virgin Coconut Oil Hypoallergenic Soap, Hypoallergenic Soap, Clarifying Soap, and Rejuvenating Soap are also available.

Specialties at YSA Skin Care Center


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