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Vithas Xanit International Hospital


Malaga, Spain

Staff at Vithas Xanit International Hospital

  • Dr. Emilio Alba

    Director of the Xanit Oncology Institute (XOI)

    Dr. Anabel Salazar

    Director of the IVI Center - Reproductive Medicine.

    Dr. Robin Reyes Eldblom

    ENT Department Head

    Dr. Francisco Jesús Garcia Martin

    Head of The Paediatric Unit

    Dr. Esperanza Martin Moreno

    Head of The Gynaecology and Obstetrics Unit

    Dr. Juan Arocena Garcia

    Head of The Urology Unit

    Dr. Francisco Giraldo Ansio

    Head of The Plastic Surgery Unit

    Dr. Norberto Gandara Adan

    Head of General Surgery and Digestive Surgery

    Dr. Pedro Aranda

    Head of The Vascular Surgery Unit

    Dr. Miguel Such

    Head of The Cardiac Surgery Unit

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