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Amman, Jordan

Specialty Hospital - Overview

Specialty Hospital's official inauguration was in 1993, with 88 bed capacity; as a result of the continuous improvement, the good reputation, and the distinguished medical achievements, the hospitals started to receive huge numbers of patients which was the main reason to increase the bed capacity into 250 beds. 
While extending the hospital capacity, the hospital took care not only in assuring the best medical services, but also in giving a best hospitality services along with a fashionable decoration that gives the patients a luxury resort feeling while staying in the hospital. While doing this extension, the hospital took into consideration its mission which is summarized in providing the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare services in a safe well managed facilities for patients from all over the world in a convenient cost. This along with the vision of being the hospital of choice and the leading healthcare provider in the region, was the basis of continual improvement.

The medical staff
Being a teaching hospital, the specialty hospital was able to select and train doctors from nearly all the specialties: surgery, pediatrics, medicine, orthopedic, anesthesia ,radiology, and gynecology. These doctors are trained to serve patients from any country, they are able to speak different languages and they got training on dealing with patients coming from different cultures.
The number of staff reached more than 850 staff in order to be able to serve the increased number of patients. Specialty hospital's staff is a bilingual staff, all staff with a direct contact with patients speak two languages as a minimum. The specialty hospital staff are always committed to apply infection prevention and control standards according to the latest updates of CDC and world health organization guidelines on an endless effort to vanish any risk at hospital acquired infection subsequently decrease patient stay in the hospital and increase patient safety, which as a result increase the patients' satisfaction.

International patients
Throughout the years, the hospital was diversifying its services in order to serve the patients coming to the hospital from different countries in the world. In the last few years, and after the booming of the concept: medical tourism, the specialty hospital received patients from 48 different nationalities. International patients are attracted to come to the hospital for many reasons, among them are the good reputation of medical services provided, the high technology and the strong staff qualifications is another reason for attracting patients from abroad.
The specialty hospital was also able to attract patients from countries like Canada and the United States of America and other countries were the waiting list for conducting procedures is long. Patients from these countries face no waiting list in the specialty hospital, as soon as their problem is diagnosed, the procedure is performed immediately. One of the attractive points; that encourage patients to come to the specialty hospital, is the reasonable length of stay in the hospital. Not to forget mentioning the good location of Jordan and its safety and stability, easy accessibility, and wonderful tourism location which make it the top medical tourism destination in the region.

Specialty hospital is equipped with a high satellite transmission that is designed to meet the needs of the patients who come from any country around the world, the hospital, in all its rooms and facilities contains wireless internet connection to make the stay of the patient convenient; as the internet now is life. 

To be able to compete in the medical tourism field, the specialty hospital is offering the international patients very attractive packages for minor or major procedures. For instance, cost of staying in Jordan to perform a surgery along with one companion for one week, costs only 25% of surgery's costs in the USA.

Hospital accreditation
Through its journey, the hospital focuses on improving its quality of services and the safety of its patients; this made it seeks to be recognized by prestigious bodies on the national, regional, and international levels, so now the hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International ( JCI) , the HealthCare Accreditation council (HCAC), which is the national accreditation council. And in its way to be unique the specialty hospital was awarded by the most prestigious award in the country:" the king Abdullah II award for excellence" twice in a raw for its excellent and distinguished work processes.

The hospital also sought to be a certified for the ISO 9001:2000, it also worked on being the first hospital in the country to achieve the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certificate (HACCP), which is mainly related to ensure that the provided catering services for patient is up to the highest quality standards in the world. The hospital is certified as the first environment friendly hospital through the ISO 14001. Another important achievement was (Occupational Health and Safety Zone) OHSAS 18001, the standards of this certificate helped the hospital to increase its safety to the maximum. Regionally, The hospital is considered to be the first hospital in the region to obtain the Muslims excellence and competitiveness corporations award (MECCAward) for excellence.

In order to be the leader in the medical tourism sector, the Specialty Hospital is a member of the ISQUA, a member of the American Hospitals Association and a member of the medical tourism association.

Medical specialties
The specialty hospital provides a full range of services which include: Nutrition and slim clinic and obesity treatment, Cozmo skin care center , Plastic surgery, Kidney transplantation, Orthopedic surgery, Neurosurgery, I.V.F – Genetics lab, Nuclear medicine center, Bone mineral densitometry unit, Heart Center, hyperbaric O2 therapy, Corneal transplantation, Maxillofacial surgery, Sleep lab, physiotherapy and rehabilitation center, Vision correction center.

Our hospital never stops working toward keeping its philosophy and values up even while and after achieving all the previous achievements. The specialty hospital philosophy is based on respecting the patients and their families and being cultural sensitive to all patients being cared of in the hospital. Our core values are summarized in being cultural sensitive, excellence, compassion, teamwork and innovation all through our journey.
In addition to these services the specialty hospital contains the most recent technology and suitable facilities for making tests, obtaining diagnostic results and performing procedures and operations. Our medical laboratory which includes the highest technology in the region, was credentialed as a regional referral laboratory. We have the most advanced technology used for imaging services such as CT scan 64 slice, and MRI 3Tesla. Our Endoscopy unit uses the most advanced procedures such as capsule endoscopy and H.bilory breathing test. Also ,We have recently constructed new 10 operation theatres which use a state of the art technology, these theatres were described by experts as a unique operation theater in the region, undergoing major and minor surgeries , complicated open heart surgeries , kidney transplantation, neurology surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries done by credentialed consultants of all specialties, We have outpatient clinics run by group of high experienced specialists certified by American board, UK fellowship, and other international qualifications.

The specialty hospital has participated in many initiatives that enhance the safety of our staff visitors and patients including: Safe surgery saves lives (WHO), Hand washing campaign(WHO), Elderly friendly hospital, Environment friendly hospital, Children friendly hospital, Internet friendly hospital. In addition, we have started Venous thrombo embolism safety zone campaign to be a free hospital from Venous thrombo embolism. The specialty hospital also never forgets community; it gives a great time and effort to serve the community awareness campaigns about diseases like breast cancer, helping poor patients, and participating in welfare campaigns are always on the agenda of the specialty hospitals.


  • Transportation services


  • Family members can stay with patient
  • Accommodation arrangements


  • Private Rooms
  • Cafeteria/restaurant
  • Recovery facilities
  • Phone in rooms
  • Internet connection


  • ISO 9001


  • Arabic
  • English
  • Filipino
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish


  • Number of doctors: 95
  • Number of beds: 250
  • Year established: 1993
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