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Juan David Londono Villa


Medellin, Colombia

Juan David Londono Villa - Overview

Dr. Juan David Londoño Villa is a physician and surgeon who specializes in plastic, maxillofacial and hand surgeries. He is a trained aesthetician and performs reconstructive surgeries as well. Among the surgical and non-surgical procedures Dr. Villa conducts include breast augmentation and reduction, liposculpture, abdominoplasty, hair micro implants, facial rejuvenation, and a lot others.

Dr. Villa’s aesthetic clinic is situated in Medellin, a city which can offer medical tourists more than their treatments. The clinic is specifically located at the El Rosario Hospital in El Tesoro, on the southeast part of the city. The hospital has modern equipment and applies the latest technologies, and has the capabilities to accommodate high complexity surgeries as well as patients needing specialized intensive care. Patient rooms are furnished with necessary amenities and are even fitted with wireless internet connectivity and cable television.

Specialties at Juan David Londono Villa


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