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Eisenmann & Eisenmann - Clinica Dental


Panama City, Panama

Eisenmann & Eisenmann - Clinica Dental - Overview

The Eisenmann & Eisenmann Dental Clinic has been a periodontal care provider in Panama since the early 60’s. Dr. Rodrigo Eisenmann initiated the services of the clinic with his masteral degree in periodontics. He is the first one in Panama with that specialty. Dr. Rodrigo Eisenmann was joined by Dr. Gabriela Eisenmann in 1994 after finishing her studies in the same field. Dr. Gabriela Eisenmann is the first Latin American woman to have earned the Diplomate status of the American Board of Periodontology. The Eisenmanns are supported by two general dentists with long and relevant experiences in general and cosmetic dentistry.

Aside from general, cosmetic and periodontic services offered at the Eisenmann & Eisenmann Dental Clinic, dental implants can be provided too. It was 1987 when the clinic succeeded in their first implant, so they are confident in their work until now. The clinic also offers dental services for children, dental x-rays, bad breath treatments and dental family plans as well.


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  • Number of doctors: 4
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