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Centro Fecundar Panama


Panama City, Panama

Centro Fecundar Panama - Overview

Centro Fecundar is a reproductive medicine group established by certified specialists in the field. The medical center has two clinics; one in Panama, and another in Costa Rica.
The Panama clinic is where in vitro fertilization treatments and intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedures are performed.
The Costa Rica clinic is where artificial insemination and gamete transfer procedures are conducted. Other procedures offered by Centro Fecundar include laparoscopy as well as cryobank services.

The experts behind the success of the clinic are gynecologist-obstetricians, specialists in reproductive medicine, assisted reproduction, gynecological laparoscopic surgery, gynecologic endoscopy, and in maternal-fetal medicine.

IVF success rates - percentage of pregnancies per attempt (2008):

Cause of infertility Up to 35
years old
36-40 years old

Over 40
years old

Male Factor 70% 51% 40%
Tube Factor 57% 46% 35%
Endometriosis 50% 42% 33%
Anovulation (Polycystic ovaries) 70% 56% 42%
Immunological Factor 54% 43% 30%
Unexplainable Infertility 75% 54% 43%

Specialties at Centro Fecundar Panama


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Number of doctors: 4
  • Year established: 2005
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