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Packages Price

Insomnia Package

300 - 570


Insomnia Treatment, Treatment for Sleep Disturbance

Jetlag Package - Basic package starting at

300 - 570


Jetlag after a long flight can severely slow down a holiday or business trip! For the traveler on the go, this quick session is essential.
This session is for the traveler who wants to “hit the ground running” on their business or holiday trip to Thailand. We have developed an IV formula of high dose B and C vitamins and other supplements that speed up the brain’s normalization to time and place. It will also boost your immunity while you are on holiday. For the full treatment add the optional spa treatment to follow and get your body to 100% as fast as possible. Total time of treatment is about 2 hours.

Package includes:
1. Quick assessment by BAAC doctor 3,000 THB
2. Live Blood Cell analysis
3. Intravenous treatment (about 1 hour). 6,000 THB
4. Natural Sleeping supplements as directed by BAAC doctor (1 month = 2,000 THB)
5. Thai or Relaxation massage 2,290 THB for 90 min
Package starts at 11,000 THB

Sleep Better Package – No More Insomnia Naturally



Sleep disturbances and chronic insomnia are a severe health epidemic in the world. A recent study suggested that 27% of people have a potentially health-damaging sleep disturbance. Long-term studies have associated less than 7 hours of sleep per night with a higher rate of Cancer, Obesity, Depression, Sexual dysfunction, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. We have developed a protocol that diagnoses and treats sleep disturbances WITHOUT the potential bad effects of PRESCRIPTION SLEEPING PILLS. Isn’t it time to fix your sleeping issues and get back to your full energy and potential?

Package includes:
1. Assessment and exam by BAAC doctor. 3,000 THB
2. Laboratory blood tests to determine potential biologic causes of insomnia : 9,090 THB
cortisol, prolactin, SHBG, vitamin D. (women age 40 + can check estradiol and progesterone additional)
3. Live Blood Cell Analysis
4. Supplements (these will depend upon the results of the blood tests) 5,000 THB
5. Intravenous De-stress Formula 6,000 THB
6. Relaxation massage 2,290 THB = 60 min.
Package starts at 21,000 THB

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