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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center


15 KM from Tel Aviv, Israel

Staff at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

  • Prof. Ahuva Golik, MD

    Department Head, Internal Medicine “A”

    Prof. Eli Lahat, MD

    Head, Pediatric Neurology Division

    Prof. J.Martin Rabey, MD

    Chairman, Department of Neurology

    Prof. Raphael Ron-El, MD

    Head of Infertility and IVF Division

    Prof. Zvi Vered, MD, FACC, FESC

    Director, Department of Cardiology

    Prof. Mordechai Weiss, MD

    Head, Endocrine Institute

    Dr. Yoram I.Siegel, MD

    Head, Endourology Unit

    Dr. Micha J.Rapoport, MD

    Chairman of the Internal Medicine Division

    Dr. Orit Reish, MD

    Director, Genetics Institute

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