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General Surgery at Ars Medica Laser Clinic


Hemorrhoid Surgery


On the day of the surgery, the patient signs the consent form, then the necessary lab tests are done and the surgery fee is paid. Immediately before the operation, the patient is premedicated with an injection containing analgesics and sedatives. The operation can be performed under local, spinal or general anesthesia. The majority of our surgeries are performed with local anesthesia, which means infiltration of the surgical field with 1% Lidocaine. Next the hemorrhoidal nodes located in the typical directions are removed with laser. The procedure leaves three non-bleeding wounds, covering about 4X1 cm. The laser practically seals the incision, eliminating the need for sutures, thus the wounds remain "open". This allows the post-surgery edema to drain unhindered thus prevents development of tension, which greatly reduces post-surgery pain, allowing the patient to be discharged on the day of surgery.

The duration of surgery is 15-25 minutes.

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