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  • Dr. İnci Karaarslan MD

    Tandem mass spectrometry in clinical chemistry

    Dr. Salih Türkoğlu MD

    Hepatitis viruses
    Newly discovered viruses
    Molecular diagnosis
    Molecular Epidemiology

    Dr. Melda Özdamar MD

    Hospital infections epidemiology and control
    Molecular Diagnosis

    Dr. Ebru Gözer MD

    Pediatric Emergency
    Pediatric Intensive Care

    Dr. Ayşe Sokullu MD

    Neonatal İntensive Care
    Growth and Development of Healthy Children
    Breast Feeding Problems

    Dr. Namık Kemal Akpınar MD

    Healthy Children Following
    Long Term Disease Following

    Dr. Fatma Ela Tahmaz

    Congenital malformation syndromes
    Growth retardation of genetic origin
    Chromosomal defects

    Dr. Esra Sönmez, MD

    Respiratory Failure
    Noninvasive and invasive mechanical ventilation
    Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

    Dr. Erdem Türemen

    Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, and Thyroid Diseases

    Dr. Ahmet Hulisi Arslan MD

    Cardiovascular Surgery
    Pediatric Heart Surgery
    Heart Valve Surgery
    Heart By-Pass Surgery

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