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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Staff at American Hospital

  • Dr. Ali Rasmi Ibrahim, MD

    General anesthesia for adults and children
    Difficult Airway Management

    Dr. Hiba Ghani, MD

    General and regional anesthesia

    Dr. Ali Al Dameh, MD

    Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Balloon, Sleeve and Mini bypass)

    Dr. Imran Ul Haq, MD

    General & Bariatric Surgery

    Dr. Tarek Dufan, MD

    Radiation Oncology

    Dr. Mona Tareen, MD

    Management of malignant pain
    Delirium and dementia syndromes
    Hospital medicine

    Dr. Roula Amer, MD

    All aspects of skin, hair and nail diseases
    Skin cancer screening and mole mapping

    Dr. Micaela Churruca, MD

    Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology
    Clinical Dermatology
    Pediatric Dermatology

    Dr. Hubert K.penninckx, MD

    Full service Endocrinologist: Diabetes Type 1-Type 1.5-Type 2-Type 3C-Mody-Gestational Diabetes

    Dr. Hanaa Zidan, MD

    Pediatric Type 1 diabetes, CGM and insulin pumps
    Pituitary disorders
    Thyroid and Adrenal disorders

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