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ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center


Kiev, Ukraine

ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center - Overview

We understand how it is important for our Patients to begin the way of awaited parenthood as fast as possible

ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center is one of the leading private infertility clinics of Ukraine. Medical Center ADONIS has been working in Kiev since 1997 and is known for its excellent reputation. Medical groups of companies ADONIS consist of 7 Medical Centers including own Maternity Hospital and CT, MRI diagnostic center.

ADONIS FAMILY Medical Centerdepartment of assisted reproductive technologies is a modern reproductive medicine based on a closed-circuit medical center.

Being a multi-profile clinic - we care about the women’s, men’s and children’s health for over 21 years, creating conditions for the well-being of many families from all over the world and are ready to devote all our knowledge and experience to realizing the only goal — to make the dream of  having children affordable!

During our huge experience, we care of our patients’ health from the start of our first meeting. Being able to provide best results of treatment we combine experience, professionalism, an advanced equipment, the modern individual rooms, comfortable stay conditions and a polite friendly service.

Services for Patients 

ADONIS provides a full range of medical services in the field of reproductive health:

  • The assessment of male and female infertility
  • Therapeutic and surgical treatment of gynecological diseases
  • Preparation for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) programs including all possible tests and treatment
  • Medical support of programs
  • IVF, ICSI, including the donor’s programs
  • Surrogacy with Egg/Sperm Donation
  • Cryobank of sperm and embryos

  • The right choice of the clinic is the key to the success of the program of assisted reproductive technologies.

    The medical center ADONIS FAMILY Medical Centeris equipped with the latest technology, attracts only high-quality reproductive doctors and fully meets the world quality standards.

    Our specialists are available for their patients 24/7. This allows you to quickly and effectively solve all emerging issues.

    At ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center, you always receive the attentive care of the doctor, sincere empathy and the individual approach to the decision of any problem.

    ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center is ready to help every Patient at any moment of necessity! We are happy to welcome you!

    We will fill your life with a new meaning!

    Centers of Excellence 

    The department of assisted reproductive technologies at ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center selects individual IVF programs for each couple.

    Below, you can see our personalized programs at the ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center:

    • Surrogacy
    • Surrogacy with Eggs/Sperm Donation
    • IVF + ICSI Program
    • IVF + ICSI Program with Eggs/Sperm Donation

    We will do everything so that you can hear the long-awaited "Mom" and "Dad" 

  • Consultation of patients at the pre-registration stage
  • Supporting of foreign patients during consultations at the clinic
  • Providing patient transfers 
  • Meeting at the clinic as well as supporting and translation during doctor’s consultations
  • Organization of accommodation for patients as well as attractions
  • Selection of surrogate mother
  • Development of an individual draft of agreement on surrogacy between biological parents and their surrogate mother
  • Notarization of the surrogacy contract
  • Coordination services in the process of carrying out the program until the pregnancy confirmation of the surrogate mother
  • Examination of surrogate mother before IVF program
  • Cryopreservation and storage of sperm
  • IVF program with surrogate mother
  • ADONIS pregnancy monitoring program
  • Coordination services from the moment of confirmation of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy before delivery
  • Childbirth in the ADONIS obstetric hospital (maternity hospital)
  • Notarization of the surrogate mother’s application after the birth of the child
  • Legal services for child registration
  • Preparation of documents for the embassy
  • Any possible additional services required during the implementation of any surrogacy programs. For instance, in programs with donation of eggs or sperm — pick up a donor, maximizing all your wishes at selection.
  • Success Rates

     IVF+ICSI (up to 35 years)


     IVF+ICSI (35-40 years)


     IVF+ICSI (after 40 years)


     Cryoprotocol (transfer of thawed embryos)


     IVF+ICSI with egg donation of oocytes


     IVF+ICSI with Sperm Donation (all aged groups)


     IVF+ICSI with surrogate motherhood (all age categories)


     IVF+ICSI with egg donation of oocytes and surrogate motherhood


     Transported embryos


    Specialties at ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center


    • Transportation services
    • Personal escort available
    • Visa arrangements
    • Electronic medical records


    • Accommodation arrangements


    • Cafeteria/restaurant


    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Turkish
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Serbian
    • Swedish
    • Ukrainian


    • Doctors have liability insurance
    • Hospitals has liability insurance


    • Number of doctors: 310
    • Year established: 2012
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