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Lumbar Spine Surgery in Colombia

Hospitals and medical centers in Colombia performing Lumbar Spine Surgery.

Hospital Universitario de San Vicente Fundación

We have a number of experienced neurosurgeons in wide areas of neurological disorders including stroke/cerebrovascular diseases, brain and spine tumors, spine and peripheral nerve diseases and others.


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Lumbar Spine Surgery

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Centros Especializados de San Vicente Fundación

In the Functional Neurosurgery Service of Specialized Centers of San Vicente Fundación we have highly qualified specialists, humanization in care and state-of-the-art technology.


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Lumbar Spine Surgery

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About Lumbar Spine Surgery

This information is intended for general information only and should not be considered as medical advice on the part of Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.

What is Lumbar Spine Surgery?

This type of surgery is meant for the spinal cord. However, it is specific to the lower part of the spine. Here there can be found huge modifications to the spine that call for a specialist in this area. The operation is conducted in order to restore much functionality to the person.


Diagnosing a patient takes place through a number of procedures. For instance, the doctor will perform a number of physical exams. He/she may request the patient to do a number of short and simple exercises. In addition, the doctor will perform soft tissue imaging using an MRI machine.

At times, the doctor will perform a biopsy. This is done to rule out the possibility of a tumor or cancerous. The interview will also involve questions about the patient’s daily routine. Sometimes, problems in the lower back are caused by daily activities.


Treatment will involve either some corticosteroids or an operation. Corticosteroids are usually administered for tumors. In addition, the doctor may perform a discectomy if required. The patient is laid on the stomach and an incision made through the back. At times, the doctor may perform minimally invasive surgery. This is done to reduce the risk involved with any surgery and the patient to heal faster from the surgery.

Unless there is a tumor, most surgery in the lower back involves either fusion or decompression. Fusion surgery takes place to correct improper movement of the various bones of the lumbar region. In most cases, it is cause by a problematic spinal disc. The fusion involves grafting a bone onto the unstable section.

The decompression surgery takes place when bone squeezes on one of the nerves in this region. The operation will involve shaving off some piece of bone and expanding the bore through which the nerve passes. This helps to reduce pain so that patients can proceed with their life.

Days admitted : After such an operation, patients do not require to stay for long in hospital. The doctor may recommend the patient to stay for observation for about a day. In rare instances, the patient will stay in the hospital for about three days.

Recovery : Recovering from an operation of the lower back does not take long. However, it can be quite painful. As such, the patient needs to take all the medication given to them. In addition, the patient needs to eat healthily.

Risks : The patient runs the risk of being crippled for life. In addition, it could lead to other complications such as an infection. Besides that, patients could develop walking disorders. This is especially if the surgeon touches one of the many sensitive nerves in the lumbar region.

After care : It would be a great idea for the patient to go for physical therapy. This will help him/he quit using a cane to walk faster. It is important that one avoid any heavy lifting. It could destroy any efforts made by the doctor. In addition, if one notices any problems, they should report to the doctor.

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