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About Latisse

This information is intended for general information only and should not be considered as medical advice on the part of Any decision on medical treatments, after-care or recovery should be done solely upon proper consultation and advice of a qualified physician.

What is Latisse?

This is an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of inadequate eyelashes a condition also known as hypotrichosis. Latisse progressively encourages the eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.

How do I use Latisse?

Latisse is a topical solution applied regularly along the upper eyelid’s lash line. It is not applied to the lower eyelid. This is because Latisse spreads automatically to your lower lash line when you blink. You should never apply Latisse to your lower eyelid or into your eyes.

Before application, you should clean your face and remove makeup and contact lenses. Application is done using provided sterile applicator and the applicator is discarded after one use to avoid serious problems such as eye infections.

How long do I need to use Latisse?

Latisse should be used every day for at least two months for best results. As long as the medication is used the improvements remain. However, your eyelashes will gradually (over several weeks to months) return to their original appearance once you stop using Latisse.

The results after using Latisse are gradual but remarkable with full results at week 16. The topical solution should be applied each night. For best results, you should follow the directions for use.

As the treatment continues you will begin to notice changes in the length of the lashes. Gradually you will notice that the lashes are more dark and thick. If by week 8 you are satisfied with the results, don't stop the treatment. Continue the treatment until week 16. At this point the full effects of Latisse can be seen by everyone. After achieving the best results you can talk to your doctor about ongoing use.

How do I know if Latisse is for me?

It is always wise to consult with your doctor before the use of any medication. Your doctor will give all the information about Latisse and then help you weigh the pros and cons and decide if it is for you. Latisse is also used by people with a condition known as alopecia areata which results in eyelash loss.

Latisse should not be used by people with certain eye problems such as uveitis and conjunctivitis, skin infections of the upper eyelid or severe allergies. Pregnant and nursing women should also not use Latisse.

Not all doctors will be familiar with Latisse and if you are considering using it you should speak to a specialist such as cosmetic surgeons, eye doctors, and dermatologists.

Where do I buy Latisse?

Latisse is a drug and not a cosmetic and you will need a doctor’s prescription.

Side effects
  • Potential side effects from using Latisse include the following.
  • Dry eyes
  • Redness in the eyes and eyelids
  • Itchy eyes
  • Dark eyelids: This may fade after you stop the medication
  • Dark brown pigmentation in the iris (the colored part of the eye) which is usually permanent.
  • Hair growth around the eyes (especially if the medication drips off the eyelids)

When to see your doctor

If you are using Latisse and develop a new reaction or ocular condition due to infection or trauma, need to have eye surgery or experience a sudden decrease in visual acuity you should see your doctor immediately.

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