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A list of Hospitals and medical centers in South Africa, with relevant information about procedures, location, contact information, photos and more.

Netcare Group

Netcare Group provides innovative, quality healthcare in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Life Healthcare Hospital Group

Life Healthcare is a leading private hospital operator in South Africa and primarily serves the market for privately insured individuals, representing approximately eight million people. The group provides mainly acute care, high technology private hospital services.

Surgical Bliss

Surgical Bliss is a proudly South African medical tourism company based in the sunny city of Cape Town. They will gladly plan and coordinate your upcoming surgery as well as your recovery and any holiday plans that you wish to make in Cape Town.


Serokolo Health Tourism (Pty) Ltd (Serokolo), a leader in medical tourism services based in Johannesburg, South Africa ; home to the worlds first heart transplant, is a health services company with the key focus on health and medical tourism.

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