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Cancer Treatment in France

Hospitals and medical centers in France who specialize in the treatment of cancer (oncology).

Infirmerie Protestante de Lyon

Offering a complete care, the Clinique de l'Infirmerie Protestante in Lyon takes care of pathologies in more than 50 specialties. It brings together liberal health specialists, physicians and surgeons, who are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for their interventions.

Available oncology services:

Full information upon request

Centre Chirugical AMBROISE-PARÉ

In 2006, the clinic was acquired by an independent group Hexagone Hospitalisation, expanding and doubling its capacity to more than 200 beds.Clinique Ambroise Paré is a leader in chemotherapy, dialysis and In-Vitro Fertilization and is the first private facility

Available oncology services:

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CHP Saint-Grégoire

CHP Saint-Grégoire (Saint Gregory Private Hospital), the first Breton hospital in France specializing in Surgery, was established in 2004 when three medical facilities -- Saint Vincent Clinic, Volney Polyclinic, Bréquigny Maternity -- merged into a single site.

Available oncology services:

Full information upon request

Clinique de L'Alma

For this purpose, the Alma Clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform each of the following modalities: flexible or rigid endoscopy, laser, coeliosurgery, interventional radiology, and especially the Da Vinci 4-arm surgical robot.

Listed oncologists:

Dr. Marc Maidenberg

Urological Surgeon

Dr. Luc Rotenberg


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