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Last health enquiries sent on
  • Someone from Egypt contacted Clinica La Luz from Spain for Ophthalmology
  • Someone from Romania contacted Hadassah University Medical Center from Israel for Endometriosis
  • Someone from Australia contacted KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital from Malaysia for Knee Replacement
  • Someone from Ireland contacted Bangkok Hospital Pattaya from Thailand for Chin Reduction Surgery
  • Someone from Palestine contacted Liv Hospital from Turkey for Thyroid Cancer
  • Someone from Sudan contacted Heidelberg University Hospital from Germany for Atherectomy
  • Someone from Canada contacted Plastic Surgery Institute from Panama for Dermafillers and botox
  • Someone from Canada contacted Peralta Mantilla Clinic from Costa Rica for Breast Augmentation
  • Someone from South Africa contacted Nova Specialty Hospital Koramangala from India for Brachytherapy
  • Someone from Canada contacted Galenia Hospital from Mexico for Spinal Stenosis
  • Someone from Vietnam contacted Gleneagles Hospital from Singapore for Epilepsy