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Estetik International


Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur MD

Plastic, Reconstructive And Aesthetics Surgeon
at Estetik International
Speciality Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery And Aesthetics
About Bülent Cihantimur was born in 1970, Kars. He graduated from Istanbul University Çapa Medical School. He’s been Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Attending by specializing in Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Residency at Uludağ University Medical School. After he worked at St. Law- rence Hospital in England for a while, he has founded Estetik International in 1999.

There are eight techniques developed by Cihantimur.
1. Non-operative treatment of Trigger nger
2. Cihantimur Fat Transfer System
3. Prominent Ear Aesthetics by Rope
4. Spider Web Aesthetics
5. Genital Beauti cation
6. Simple Nose Aesthetics
7. Organic Hair Transplantation
8. Leg Beautification

He has still worked as the coordinator of Estetik International Health Group that was opened rst in Bursa and has departments in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara today. Estetik Internation- al, with almost 200 staff has provided service in 8 different clinics including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. This Health Group that has put signature on great business about health tourism in particular has provided economic value for our Country via its Professional in International Patient Unit and health tourists.
Estetik International that provides patient satisfaction and different access for foreign pa- tients with partners program has also representation of ces in Dubai, Sweden, England.
Certifications “International Aesthetics Surgery Training Center” that is put into practice under the leadership of Cihantimur is a center founded to encourage information and skill Exchange for aesthetic, plastic surgery attendings, assistants and those who still study in medical school. The purpose here is to learn modern surgical techniques and provide programs that their hand skill developed and foresighted and can see and look in an artistic perspective.
In addition to this, Spider Web Aesthetics enable colleagues of Cihantimur to provide course and certi cate opportunity about Cihantimur Fat Transfer.
Awards In 2014, he was selected “Medical Man of the Year “and was rewarded “Golden Bistoury” given to the persons who made extraordinary contributions to aesthetics surgery in worldwide organization and also has been selected into “The Best 50 Plastic Surgeons” of World. Lastly, “Excellence Awards” has been given to him by Tatweei Academy that is seen between the most distinguished organizations of Middle East in 2017.

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