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Pasig City, Philippines

Dr. Benjamin T.Alonzo

Dr. Benjamin T.Alonzo

Hair Transplant Surgeon
at Hairmaxx
Speciality Hair Transplant
Languages English, Filipino
About Artistry takes on a different form in cosmetic and hair restoration surgery, in the hands of Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo.

Dr. Alonzo is one of the most sought-after and well-respected cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines. He has been in active practice since 1987 which undeniably makes him one of the masters in the art of cosmetic and hair restoration surgery.

His combined outstanding qualities - skilled hands and his almost 20 years of undisputed expertise make his patients in awe of the results of their surgery. He has the patience and the professionalism to listen and explain the nitty gritty of every procedure. He has an aura of a true connoisseur of beauty and a trustworthy man that makes a patient totally comfortable and safe in every step of the surgery. Putting premium in every procedure that he does, he has already changed the old-fashioned attitude of Filipinos and opened their hearts and minds to take advantage of the wonders brought about by technology.

Being successful in his medical profession, he returns God's blessings through community service. Notably a Rotarian by heart, "Service Above Self " is his battle cry.
Memberships Devoted to his craft, he was the president of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery for two (2) consecutive years 2004 and 2005, for which he is also an active faculty member. Likewise, he is the auditor of the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery Inc. Moreover, Dr. Alonzo is also a member of international cosmetic surgery organizations namely American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, The International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Asia Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery.

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