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Sevenhills Hospital


Mumbai, India

Dr. Chetan Shah

Dr. Chetan Shah

Consultant Surgical Oncologist
at Sevenhills Hospital
Speciality Lung, Head & Neck, Breast and Gynaec Malignancies
Languages English, Hindi
Professional Experience Dr. Chetan Shah is a Surgical Oncologist at SevenHills Hospital. He has taken his basic Onco-surgery training at Tata Memorial Hospital. He was there from 1981-86, and was the first doctor to bring Nd-YAG Laser in Bombay city.

Dr. Chetan Shah has undergone further specialized training from Crompton Chest Institute, London and Sloan Katering Institute, New York.

Dr. Chetan Shah is with SevenHills Hospital since March, 2013 and has performed multiple onco surgeries on a daily basis.

Dr. Chetan Shah has multiple papers and publications to his name. His areas of interest lie in Lung, Breast, Head & Neck & GI Cancers.

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