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Prof. Torsten Loop

Prof. Torsten Loop

Assistant Medical and Deputy Managing Director, Department of Anaesthesiology
at University Medical Center Freiburg
Speciality Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Languages English, German
Graduated 1989 (35 years since graduation)
About Expert in:
- Anesthesiology, Clinical Drug Investigation
- Expert Opinion in Pharmacotherapy, Anaesthesist
Education 1983-1989 : Studies of human medicine
Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
1991 : Promotion
University Surgical Clinic of the University of Freiburg
2006 : Habilitation
Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg
Title: "Molecular mechanisms of immune modulation by volatile barbiturates, anesthetics and catecholamines"
Professional Experience Clinical Skills:
1991-1992 - Intern, Kantonsspital Liestal / Switzerland
1992-1995 - Research Assistant, Anaesthesiological University Hospital Freiburg
Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. hc K. Geiger
1995-1996 - Specialist, Cnopf'sche Children's Hospital in Nuremberg
Since 1996 - Specialist in all areas of surgical operations Anaesthesiological University Hospital Freiburg
Since 1994 - Participation in the Working Group "Extracorporeal lung replacement therapy" in acute lung injury
1998-2006 - First Anaesthesiological Service
Since 2003 - Commissioner for lung transplantation Anaesthesiological University Hospital Freiburg
2005-2006 - Training "Special anesthesiological intensive care"
2006 - Consultant thoracic anesthesia and the area responsible

Teaching Experience:
Since 1994 - Principal lecturer in lectures, seminars and internships the subjects Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine
Since 2001 - Responsible for implementing the new licensing regulations
Since 2001 - Lecturer, Anaesthesiological University Hospital Freiburg
Since 2002 - Auditor II and III. State medical examination
Since 2004 - Examiner for the Diploma of the European Society of Anaesthesia

Scientific Focus:
1994-1998 - Group of Prof. Dr. A. Benzing
Topic: Treatment of acute respiratory failure with inhaled nitric oxide and extracorporeal lung replacement therapy
Since 1999 - Group of Prof. Dr. B. Breakdown Division of Experimental anesthesia of the University Hospital of Freiburg Anaesthesiological
Director: Prof. Dr. H. Pahl
Topic: Molecular mechanisms of immune modulation by anesthetics, catecholamines, oxygen and temperature
Since 2005 - Working Group in collaboration with Dr. C. Schlensak
University Surgical Clinic, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Topic: Modulation of systemic and pulmonary inflammation in the heart-lung machine
Since 2007 - Working Group
Topic: Molecular pharmac
Memberships - German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (Scientific Working Groups and Thoracic Anaesthesia Neuro-Anaesthesia)
- Professional Association of German Anaesthesiologists
- European Society of Anesthesiology
- European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists

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