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Prof. Brigitte Stiller

Prof. Brigitte Stiller

Medical Director, Department of Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Cardiology
at University Medical Center Freiburg
Speciality Congenital Heart Defects and Pediatric Cardiology
Languages English, German
Graduated 1988 (35 years since graduation)
About Scientific Focus:
- Heart failure and use of artificial heart in infancy and childhood
- Complement and contact system activation during extracorporeal circulation in children
- Project Manager (HP5) in the Competence Network "Congenital Heart Defects"
Education 1982 -1988:
University of Düsseldorf, preclinical, University of Cologne, Clinic
Professional Experience Medical Career:
1988 -1993 - Assistant Doctor in Paediatrics in the City Children's Hospital Cologne
1993-1996 - Medical assistant in the Department of Innate
Heart Defects / Pediatric Cardiology, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
1996 - 2001 - Senior Physician in the Department of Congenital Heart Defects /
Pediatric Cardiology, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin
08/2001 to 2007 - Deputy Head of Department above

- Appointment as University Professor of Paediatric
- Cardiology (W-3 professorship) at the University Hospital Freiburg

Medical Directorate:
- Medical Director of the Clinic III, Congenital
- Heart Defects / Pediatric Cardiology at the Center for Children and Adolescent Medicine.
Certifications - 1993 : Board certification in Pediatrics
Memberships - Society for Pediatric
- Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM)
- Society of Pediatric Cardiology (DGPK)
- Member of the Scientific Committee
- European Society for Pediatric Research (ESPR)
- Association for European Paediatric Cardiology (AEPC)
- Cardiac Society (DGK)
- Board member of the WG "pediatric cardiac intensive care," the AEPC
- Member of ISLHT
- Member of the Ethics Committee of the University Hospital Freiburg

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