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Clinica Athena


Curitiba, Brazil

Dr. Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin

Dr. Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin

Clinica Athena
Speciality Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Facial Rejuvenating, Endoscopic Facial Lifting
About She was member of the Regional Medicine Council of the State of Paraná, and has published, during her career, several articles in national and international publications, besides being the co-author of two books on "Laser Facial Rejuvenating".

In the international circuit of plastic surgery, mainly in the congresses, she is known by her work related to the Laser Facial Rejuvenating and to the "Endoscopic Facial Lifting". This procedure aims the facial rejuvenating through the repositioning of the flaccid tissues. With only two incisions of 0,5 to 2 cm in the scalp and with the utilization of the videoendoscope and the laser, it is possible to work the deep structures, sparing the face from scars and rejuvenating the photo-aged skin.
Education Doctor Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin was graduated in Medicine by the Federal University of Paraná in 1980, with a specialty in Plastic Surgery by the Plastic Surgery Service of the Hospital Sociedade Portuguesa de Beneficiência, in Porto Alegre, and in Microsurgery by the Porto Alegre Micirosurgery Service, also in Porto Alegre, and by the Institut Française de la Main, in Paris.
Memberships 1. Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery
2. Member of the Brazilian Society of Microsurgery
3. Member of the Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery
4. Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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