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Hospital Punta Pacifica


Panama City, Panama

Dr. Guido Esquivel

Dr. Guido Esquivel

Maxillofacial Surgeon
at Hospital Punta Pacifica
Speciality Maxillofacial Surgery
Languages English, Spanish
Graduated 1991 (33 years since graduation)
About Voluntary Practice:

Hospital Santo Tomas, Panama
1992 - 1991 (From April 1991 to April 1992)
Voluntary turnover in the Section of Oral Surgery and
St. Thomas Hospital Maxillofacial City

· Scientific Committee of the Latin American Congress of Surgery Maxillofacial held in February 2003.
· I have participated in approximately fifteen (15) Medical tours
Dentist in different areas of the provinces of the Republic
(Panama, Colon, Cocle, Herrera, Veraguas, Chiriqui.)
· Participated in organizing the XXIII Congress of the Federation
Dental Central America and Panama, in January 1991.
On several occasions I have given lectures on the following topics:
· PRP in the Oncology Institute of Panama.
· Biotechnology, bone grafts in Implant Surgery
Condylar Hyperplasia delivered in the Panamanian Society of Orthodontics
· Bio-Mechanical Principles of Orthodontic movements.
· Extrusion Movements in Children and Adults patients.
"A Force Eruption in Adult Patient", issued to participants
Scientific Program undertaken with the joint participation of
U.S. and Panamanian dentists. (Dictation in the Language
Education Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,
Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia
Faculty: Medicine and Dentistry
Title Obtained: Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Duration: 8 semesters.
Study Period: 1996 - 1999

University of Panama
Faculty: Dentistry
Title Obtained: Doctor of Dental Surgery
Graduation Date: October 16, 1991
Study Period: 1986 - 1991

University of Panama
Faculty: Humanities
Title Obtained: Hypnotherapist
Graduation Date: February 2005
Study Period: 2004 - 2005

Internship Period:
1994 - 1992 (From September 1992 to September 1994.)
Location: Panama Health Region West, at the facilities of the Centers Health: Bejuco, El Espino, Puerto Caimito and General Hospital "Nicholas Solano. "
Memberships - Member of the Panamanian Dental Association since 1990
- Member of the Panamanian Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
- Member of the Colombian Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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