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Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Yoav Mintz MD

Dr. Yoav Mintz MD

Hadassah University Medical Center
Speciality Surgery
Languages English, Hebrew
Graduated 1995 (29 years since graduation)
Education 1988 – 1995 Medicine, MD. Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center Jerusalem, Israel
Professional Experience 1996 – 2000 Surgical residency. Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital Jerusalem, Israel

2000 - 2001 Senior resident in the Department of Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY specializing in Laparoscopic general surgery, and colorectal surgery mainly of IBD. Surgical residency at Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital Jerusalem, Israel.

1996 Basic Laparoscopy Training Course (Hands on experience)

2004 Advanced videoscopic surgery training course. UCSF videoscopic surgery training center. SF, USA.

2004 Maintenance and Experimentation on Laboratory Animals Course.

2005-2006 Research fellow at the Department of Surgery UC, San Diego.

2005 Orientation to Animal Research Course. UC San Diego.

1984 – 1985 Military service: Aviation and flight school trainee in the Israeli Air Force.

1986 Completion of IDF officers course and Artillery officers course.

1987 Company Commander course.

1987 – 1988 Captain in Israeli Defense Force serving as a company artillery commander acting in Lebanon.

1988 Responsible for establishment of a salvo ranging system in coordination with army intelligence observations under camouflage.

2002 Battalion commander course, which included expert level of battle forces coordination and strategies, and the history and background of world conflicts.

2002 Completed course in army management. Curriculum included communications, commanding, activating and motivating soldiers during battle, as well as acquiring management skills.

2001-2005 Lieutenant Colonel serving in Reserve Army duty as an Artillery Battalion Commander.

1/4/2000-31/3/2006 Instructor, Hebrew University, Surgery
Memberships - Active member in the following (2003-2005):

- Committee on Performance Improvement in Trauma.

- Quality & Safety and prevention of human errors committee.

- Committee for Hospital Medical Computerization.

- Committee of Operating Theater computerization and Central Registration.

- Committee for excellence in Minimal Invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery.

- Committee for computerization of the admission and operation of the surgical patient.

- Active member in the following (2007-present)

- Committee for the Hadassah future operating rooms.

Director of the following:

2004-2005 The Quality & Safety committee of the surgical wards and The Department of Emergency Medicine.

2003- present Hadassah Trauma Registry.

2007- present Robotic Assisted Surgery Service.

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