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New Delhi, India

Dr. Ashish Srivastava

Dr. Ashish Srivastava

Director – Neurosurgery
at Rockland Hospital
Speciality Neurosurgery
Languages English, Hindi, Punjabi
About Dr. Srivastava is a well trained Neurosurgeon, with over 20 years of Neurosurgical experience. He is trained and experienced in a wide spectrum of Neurosurgical Management with major interests in Tumours, Skull-base, Vascular Neurosurgery, Complex Spinal Surgeries, and now increasingly in Neuromodulation.


• All Elective Craniotomies
• All Microscopic Operations including implant
• All intra-dural Spinal Surgeries including implant
• Trans-sphenoid operations
• Spinal Fusion+Decompression+Anthroplasty
• Revision Surgery for Lumbar and Cervical Disc Disease
• Brachial Plexus Injuries/Stereotactic Procedures
• Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons
• Vagal Nerve Stimulator
• Micro -disectomies for Cervical and Lumbar Discs
• CSF Shunt Procedures
• Chronic sub-dual haematoma
• Burr-Hole aspiration for Abscess
• Peripheral Nerve Surgery
• Carpal Tunnel Release
Certifications MBBS, MS, MCh

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