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Medipol Mega University Hospital

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex is a modern medical facility with four specialist hospitals and an extensive selection of high caliber medical devices available for use. The hospital provides treatments in a wide variety of medical fields in its 470 bed facility.

Listed rheumatologist:

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Soy

Rheumatology Specialist

Centro Médico Quironsalud Teknon

he Department of Allergy and Rheumatology treats rheumatic conditions, including collagen disease and allergies such as bronchial asthma. Allergic and rheumatic diseases are similar in that they are caused by abnormalities in the immune system.

Available rheumatology services:

Full information upon request

Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud

Quirón has an internationally prestigious medical staff, the largest in the sector, and is also the principal hospital network in terms of patient numbers and care facility area. The group administers 47 healthcare centers, more than 4.000 hospital beds and 8.000 associ.

Available rheumatology services:

Full information upon request

Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia

Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia is ranked as one of the best private schools in Spain, winning nine times in the TOP 20 award in recognition of its management and quality of care.

Available rheumatology services:

Full information upon request

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